Celtic Wedding Rings Are Timeless

Celtic wedding rings employ the knot, a motif unique to Celtic art and a excellent symbolic representation of matrimony. Ahead of we talk about Celtic wedding rings, a short discussion of the origins of the form is in order. The term “Celts” refers to a large number of different ethnic and tribal groups united by the Celtic language. The Celtic language is, more properly, a group of Indo-European languages identified by linguists as becoming of typical origin.

The modern day Celtic nations are Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man. The Celtic Diaspora can be discovered in all English speaking nations of the planet. Among outsiders, Celtic art and traditions are often mistaken for the closely associated Gaelic traditions of the Irish people. It was extended thought that the use of a connected language indicated that the Celtic nations have been the product of a typical ancestor but recent DNA research have indicated this is not the case.

In the’th century British colonialism was spreading the English language and culture around the world. Artists and philosophers in the Celtic nations, lengthy conquered by England, initiated what came to be known as the Celtic Art Revival to assert a tribal identity that was distinct from the culture of the Anglo-Saxon British.

Celtic art is mainly ornamental, creating it nicely suited to jewelry. In this it has far more in frequent with Arabic art than with the representational art of the classical tradition. Unlike Arabic art, even so, Celtic art avoids straight lines and employs symmetry only sparingly.

The now familiar patterns noticed in Celtic wedding rings are fashioned from stylized representations of rope knots, therefore creating them best visual metaphors for “tying the knot.”

Modern designers making use of the Celtic knot motif for ring styles are extremely inventive because of the opportunities the knot patterns permit for incorporating open space inside the band itself. Gemstones are the exception rather than the rule, generating Celtic wedding rings practical for everyday wear.

The use of knot patterns in Celtic wedding band design and style makes them 1 of the couple of styles to regularly incorporate open space inside the band. Gemstones are applied at the artisan’s discretion and many styles forego faceted gems in favor of the semi-valuable polished stones utilized in historic Celtic jewelry. Varieties of knot patterns include the Celtic Knot, Circle, Spiral and Heart as nicely as the braided two stranded Infinity Knot and the clover leaf like Trinity Knot.