Celtic Wedding Rings

The knot, as stylized and used in Celtic wedding rings design and style is a ideal symbol for the bonds of matrimony and the joining of two lives. If you and your partner are considering making use of wedding bands that incorporate classic Celtic patterns, you might be curious as to the Celtic heritage. The Celts encompass a massive quantity of diverse ethnic groups connected by a common Indo-European language.

The Celtic nations are essentially the British Isles with the exception of Ireland. In England the Celtic tradition was subsumed by Anglo-Saxon culture. The long held belief that all Cetic culture trace back to a common tribe has been disproved by genetic investigators and it is now believed Celtic culture was spread by conquering other unrelated tribes or via straightforward cultural influence of neighboring peoples.

In the 18th century British colonialism was spreading the English language and culture around the globe. Artists and philosophers in the Celtic nations, extended conquered by England, initiated what came to be known as the Celtic Art Revival to assert a tribal identity that was distinct from the culture of the Anglo-Saxon British.

Celtic art is mostly ornamental, making it properly suited to jewelry. In this it has much more in widespread with Arabic art than with the representational art of the classical tradition. In contrast to Arabic art, even so, Celtic art avoids straight lines and employs symmetry only sparingly.

A recurrent theme in Celtic art is the knot, and it is about this symbol that most Celtic wedding rings are designed. There are a variety of Celtic knots.The symbolism of the knot consists of bonding or joining and this tends to make it perfect for use in wedding band design and style.

There are some stunning three dimensional Celtic wedding rings accessible. These designs do not have the conventional flat band with solid, even edges. The band is formed by the loops of the featured knot pattern, with open spaces captured within the style. A variation on this is two strong ring edges serving as a frame for a graceful flow of rope-like metal capturing open space inside the style.

The use of knot patterns in Celtic wedding band design makes them one particular of the handful of styles to regularly incorporate open space inside the band. Gemstones are applied at the artisan’s discretion and a lot of designs forego faceted gems in favor of the semi-precious polished stones utilised in historic Celtic jewelry. Sorts of knot patterns contain the Celtic Knot, Circle, Spiral and Heart as effectively as the braided two stranded Infinity Knot and the clover leaf like Trinity Knot.
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