Chandragiri Fort – A Famous Tourist Attraction

Chandragiri Fort is an intrinsic historical fort, which was built in 11th century by Yadava Rayas. This fort is recognized for its elegant architecture. The fort is getting employed as a museum now and consists of a massive collection of artifacts.

Reputation of the Spot

Chandragiri is a well-known tourist attraction in all the Tirupati Tour Packages. The popularity of this place is mainly due to the history associated to it. The Chandragiri Fort consists of two Palaces in it – the King’s Palace and the Queen’s Palace. Both the palaces have their personal architecture and decorations. Despite the fact that the fort has been built in the 11th century, it nevertheless appears like new, and the credit goes to the Andhra Pradesh authorities for keeping this fort so properly. There are various ruined structures in Chandragiri and they add to the beauty of the Palace. The fort is a three-storied building and converted into an archeological museum since fairly a whilst.

Tourist Attraction

It is well-known amongst most of the Tirupati tour packages as this fort is not just a fort rather, it is a complete museum containing a large collection of ancient Indian ornaments, which are placed in the Queen’s palace of the fort, and numerous Indian weapons that had been employed in earlier instances. Apart from that, there are contemporary water and electrical energy facilities in the museum too. With correct ventilation system, the architecture of Chandragiri is just perfect and something for architectural buffs to ponder upon. Various improvements have been produced to this spot by the Andhra Pradesh Authorities from time to time and the work is clearly visible, as it has emerged as a single of the prominent sightseeing spots. This fort is a perfect example of the Indo-Sarcen architecture of ancient India. In the evening time, there is a light show in the palace, which is a should-watch. Nonetheless, you would require to get tickets for that.

Structure of the Palace

The Palace has been constructed making use of stones, bricks and lime mortar. No timber has been utilized in the construction of Chandragiri. There are huge pillars whose best have been designed as crowns, which add to the beauty of the palace. The Rani Mahal has been decorated by different ornaments, which might be supposed to be of Indian queens. The beauty of this place justifies its addition to the Tirupati tour packages.

Limitations for Packages

No matter which Tirupati tour Packages you choose, there is some restriction on entrance to the Chandragiri. You can view the King’s Palace from inside completely but the tourists are not allowed to enter the very first floor and the second floor of the Queen’s Palace. According to the native folks, the architecture of Queen’s Palace is extremely related to the King’s Palace.

This is a ticketed monument and the rates of tickets preserve on altering according to the season. Also, photography is not allowed inside the Fort. This spot is at a distance of 20 km from the Tirupati. Hence, if you ever get to pay a visit to Tirupati, do not forget to go to the Chandragiri as properly, as it would make your trip full.
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