Change Management And Learning That Is Self-directed

When times change, leaner’s are the ones to inherit the earth, while those who are always leaned find themselves equipped quite beautifully to deal with a world that has ceased to exist. That Erick Hoffer once said.

Nowadays, the only thing to remain consistent today is the fact that change will occur somewhere on earth. Systems are always evolving, so are laws, economics, knowledge, two years ago is a long way away and what we may have already previously gotten used to may have already become outdated.

Hello and welcome to the new information age. To a world that is fast paced and always changing, all of us now living in this age are required to adjust to the new demands that have been placed on our lives. Nowhere else have we witnesses the bigger impact than on the global economy which has consequently affected the majority of us in a lesser of greater degree.

The reality is that most people in this world are not prepared for the changes or are unable to adequately adapt to them. This is because the educational systems that we all pass through still operate in a world that is no longer in existence.

“Go to your local school, get the best greats then secure a top job” is an idea from the industrial age. Yes, our education has become increasingly more important, more than it has ever before, but people should look further than just securing a job and expecting either the government or company to take care of their needs once they have completed their working days.

Social Security and Medicare are still trying to keep the promises that were made by politicians some 60 odd years ago, and are barely able to make it. And in the not too distant future they will be faced with a large wave of retiring baby boomers.

The rules are forever changing. We are not entering into an era where we will witness both tremendous opportunity and change. Those who have prepared themselves will be able to make the most of the situation, but for others who are stuck with the old paradigms and laws; this could be the worst of times for them.

For people who find themselves stuck between both ages and who are gravely concerned with the new changes that are to become, change management education can be a lifesaver. For those who are capable of adequately educating themselves, and are able to take advantage of their talents, adapting to the new change that is to become will be no big deal to them. BOLA TANGKAS