Change Your Cooking Habits To Avoid Weight Gain!

You may love the food served in a restaurant with all the garnishing on it. Extra cheese, butter added to your food may taste good. You are also being offered a wider choice of food, but have you ever looked at the nutritional value they add to your body? Compare them to what you have at home, they will definitely add more nutritional value than your restaurant food.

Another aspect that you have often ignored is the cooking habits. Restaurants often use oil that adds up to your cholesterol level. Their focus is more on taste rather than health aspect. At home, your mom focuses on healthier ways of cooking them. There is less oil used while frying in order to avoid cholesterol. It is better to use olive oil while cooking as they are low in fat content. They also add nutritional value to your body and prevent cardiac arrest.

If you’re always getting sick, and have a tough time staying healthy and free of illnesses, then you should carefully consider this above tip. Dry frying is another good option, try and avoid deep frying or roasting your chicken. You can bake them, poach them and dry fry them. Cooking in simmering liquid is a good way of cooking with out adding cholesterol to your body, this is simply known as poaching. Practise poaching and stay fit through out. Add some spices and salt to it in order to increase its flavour.

Simple tips incorporated in your kitchen will help you live longer and healthier! If you are eating fruits have it when it is fresh. Vegetables are best to be consumed raw and half cooked rather than cooking them completely. Half cooking them will help you retain its nutrients.

Rising obesity levels, fad diets and knowledge of food issues more generally have made consumers more aware of the nutritional content of menus and fuelled demand for more fresh, local and seasonal produce. Consumers are showing an increasing interest in good food, and in managing their diet to improve their health and maximise their enjoyment from eating.
Set achievable goals for weight loss, not something like losing 50lbs in a week as so many pills promise you. Do what’s healthy for your body, and lose weight gradually.
For safe and healthy weight loss, don’t exceed losing more than 2lbs a week. Avoid products and diets that guarantee overnight weight loss. Set a realistic goal for yourself, and follow a healthy weight loss regime.