Change Your Perceptions – Change Your Life – Here’s How

As our Universe unfolds in front of our eyes, it creates the setting for a magnificent movie of which we are the Director and eventually the unique spectator. What we do with that movie will either be a film that we’ll enjoy, fear, admire or loathe. That film represents, “Our Reality.”

Being able to direct and create our own version of the way we see our world gives us almost god-like power. We can shape our reality in almost any way that we want and we can direct how we experience every day that is given us.

Movie directors know that different effects of a scene can be created simply by changing the angle of the camera that is recording the scene. They also know that by changing the opening of the camera’s lens they can determine what will or will not be seen on the film.

It’s a big world and an almost limitless Universe out there. It contains amazing beauty and there is ugliness. There are scenes of joy and there is suffering. We can also see great hope and some despair. We are the Director; we get to decide what we will focus on and choose how it will affect our reality.

This liberty to choose has been called the ultimate freedom. We are not stuck in a fixed reality; we get to choose it. We have the choice between literally millions of different settings to focus on. No one and no outside influence can restrict that choice. The ultimate choice is in our hands. We are the Director.

As Director, we get to choose the theme of our movie. It can be a film about adventure, it can be about saving the world, and it can be about small or huge accomplishments. It’s our film. Whatever we want to see in the film and whatever way we want it seen is available. It’s a big Universe out there and it’s all at our disposal.

There is such a thing as reality however it cannot be grasped by the human mind. The very best that we can do is to create a representation of what we perceive reality to be. We don’t know what others are thinking; we don’t really know what is in their heart and mind.

We don’t know what others believe and we don’t know how they perceive reality. We don’t know about the nature of God and we don’t even know why we do most of what we do – yet, we profess to know what reality is all about.

Even on the tangible plane, our eyes deceive us. Quantum physic says everything that we see is in actuality nothing but energy. Still, most of the time we are left unfazed; we believe that our perception of reality is real. It’s not. It’s just a perception.

It does take maturity and some soul searching to come to the evidence that we live in a world of our own making. In a world that is mostly the fruit of our imagination. Before we can accept this theory, a very wide bridge has to be crossed. We must be willing to think outside of the box and change some fundamental beliefs. Not always an easy task.

It’s not an easy task but it is one that is very liberating. Once we have come to accept that we live in a world or our own making, we also understand that we are not tied down to just one world or one reality. It is in our power to change whatever reality we are in for another one that is more pleasant and more empowering.

We are the Director who decides what we will ignore and what we will focus on. We can change the perspective from which we look at everything tangible and non-tangible. We can create our world; we can create our reality. We’ve been doing it all along; the difference is that we did not know that we had a choice. We do have that choice – so let’s make it a world of wonderment and happiness.