Changing Room Lockers Contribute To Upscale Interiors

Changing room lockers are not called “designer lockers” and “executive lockers” without reason. These are the most sophisticated of all locker units that actually work as key elements of interior design. When architects design executive washrooms, city club interiors, and President’s club changing rooms, these lockers are chosen to create upscale interior designs.

The quality with which they are manufactured, the many colors they come in, and the wide array of design options allow you to create the most impressive environment imaginable.

Changing room lockers are manufactured out of industrial grade particleboard that is protected by a tough plastic laminate coating. Lockers can be purchased in single tier, double tier, and extra wide configurations. All units arrive onsite preassembled.

It bears noting that extra wide lockers are highly desired by universities, professional sports clubs, gyms, day spas, municipal centers, game parks, corporate gymnasiums (for employee use only), and even medical centers.

Extra wide lockers are also highly attractive and not only match, but make significant contributions to, interior design themes. Organizations can choose from a magnificent spectrum of colors that includes mahogany, cherry, maple, blue, black, and gray.

Because changing room lockers come in a variety of sizes, customers must take several things into consideration to determine what they need to order.

The first of these considerations is measuring the actual room space that is available for locker installation. This can be done manually by measuring the wall space and any island space where the lockers are intended to be installed. Or, blueprints of the facility, if available, can be sent over to us to examine.

The second consideration is the number of actual locker units that will be needed. This should be based upon anticipated peaks of activity, not on average attendance. It is never good to have to tell clients, employees, or guests that you have run out of locker space. Overestimate within reason if you have to.

Finally, changing room locker size should be based upon the storage requirements of the user and the geographic location of the organization. In the north, there will always be a need for larger storage areas due to the needs of people to store winter clothing and protective gear during the cold months of the year. Southern locations do not have this need.

Also, any facility that has clients who bring large back packs to the grounds, or that needs to store very large gym backs or golf bags, will need extra wide lockers.

Businesses can request that lockers be equipped with any type of lock that is standard to locker design. The most secure lock, however, is the thru-bolted padlock clasp. This type of lock is highly recommended because the hasp passes all the way through the door and fits into the side of the locker. This makes it very difficult for vandals or would-be thieves to break into the storage compartment.

Because changing room lockers arrive on location preassembled, they do not require special contract labor to install. Maintenance crews can easily place them where desired. For new constructions, the general contractor will have a subcontract entity handle the installation so the lockers are ready for use on opening day. BOLA TANGKAS