Changing Seasons of Perfume and Cologne

Going to a summer barbecue? Chances are you won’t wear the same perfume and cologne that you would wear to the company Christmas party. Different seasons mean different fragrances. It is nice to change it up and gives you something to look forward to. Each season requires some thought on how you want to express yourself through how you dress and how you smell.

The holiday season brings thoughts of spice and a heavier scent. Your perfume and cologne should bring out the holiday spirit. Shopping for your holiday fragrance should happen in the fall, as soon as you feel the spirit kick in. Every year perfume and cologne manufacturers come up with a fantastic collection of scents for the seasons. In a cooler climate perfume stays on your body a longer time so moderate the amount you wear and don’t be surprised if it lasts all day. If you plan going out for the evening be sure to try and maintain the same perfume as there is a better chance a small touch up will be all that is needed.

Spring time brings thoughts of flowers and a light fresh scent. Lighter scents mean fewer oils and more of a body wash or eau de toilette. It probably won’t last as long as the winter scent so you may find yourself applying it more often. There will be less alcohol but the warming of the climate makes it easier to evaporate off the body and into the air. As our thoughts start turning to warmer weather, lighter clothing, and a more leisure attitude. Your choice of fragrance should also be a bit more playful.

Summer time brings warm summer nights and outdoor activities. Think of lush flowers and plants at full bloom. This can be a lot of competition when picking out the proper perfume and cologne for this season. As in winter, the heavier oils last a long time so a little goes a long way. If you find yourself out later than usual you may need to give yourself a booster before going into the late hours of the evening.

Whatever the season, any time is a good time to plan and choose the next season’s new scent. Stop by the cosmetic counter at your favorite retailer and see what new and exciting products they have available.

Have fun with it and enjoy your life one day at a time.