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Editor’s Note Changzhou Yongchun Insulation material Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production Solar water heaters , Air Source Heat Pump Cold water heaters and environmental protection activities of private enterprises. Companies: solar energy water heater factory, cold storage factory activity, all-glass vacuum tubes branch, branch polyurethane materials, stainless steel profile factory. Exhibition on refrigeration in Changzhou, Yongchun very positive corporate performance as the title, General Manager Mr. Huang Yongchun accepted HC HVAC Web editor interviews, the following are the details.

Changzhou Wing Chun Yong-Chun Huang, general manager of insulation materials
HC Network: Strong cooling at the Ninth China HVAC Equipment exhibition, the largest Wing Chun booth, display products have cold storage facilities, cold storage, as well as heat pump products, please Huang, give us about your company currently operates several products?

Yong-Chun Huang: The show is Yongchun title company, and two days, we received hundreds of merchants, have come here especially for new friends, and many continue to support our customers. They are Wing Chun this situation with a new exhibition attracted to participate. Our company’s main product is the cold plate and polyurethane insulation materials, solar energy and air source heat pump, through this exhibition we hope to have more friends to understand, care, help us.

The second day of the show we organized Yongchun company “of the first forum for customer service”, please go to the refrigeration industry experts Nanjing University Professor Lin taught us the design of large-scale cold storage and the need to pay attention to the problems and the development of cold storage direction, turnout far exceeded our expectations arrangements. As chair of the HKCEC not many people stood to speak, a warm atmosphere in order. After the meeting, participants visited our organization Yongchun company, the original two buses are not enough, to 5 also added seven, eight shuttle car to solve the problem. Exhibition organizers?? Strong Chinese comrades refrigeration, said fair day’s activities are so many people, something which has never been seen before. This also reflects the concern of everyone in our very high degree. We arranged this event mainly because many customers do not know Wing Chun before is what kind of company, and we do not fully understand. Through this event many companies and customers are upset Yongchun pace of development, and product cost.

HC Network: Wing Chun has developed rapidly in recent years, advocacy efforts are also high, please Huang, tell us about the situation.

Yong-Chun Huang: Yongchun fast development is now a prerequisite, this prerequisite is that we in the process of development along a tightly grasped the industry chain development?? Is to polyurethane insulation material for the core, its upstream and downstream development . In this way, resource sharing within the enterprise can achieve a multiplier effect. Yongchun company established in 1992, the main industry for the refurbishment of old oil drums, then exposed to polyurethane; small-scale production began in 1994 and the combination of polyether ether monomer (urethane); the fall of 1997 the company conducted its first move to expand the factory area from the more than 3000 square jumped to more than 20,000 square feet, began producing polyurethane cold plate, invest in solar water heaters in 2001, and in 2006 expanded portfolio of polyether ether monomer production capacity. Can see that these products are developed around the insulation material on the scope of the same trade as such is a form of development can be formed industry chain manufacturers, Wing Chun is unique.

The past two years, we promote business and products into a lot of money and energy, also the corresponding income. Yongchun major professional media are concerned. In the information society, “wine is also deeply afraid of the alley,” do not go out to see the outside world, while giving the outside world about us, how can grow? So we do when the first vigorous advocacy of polyurethane products, was propaganda from the cold storage to solar energy are great, the fact that this investment has brought us very good returns. Objectively speaking, the course of development in Yongchun, if not the media’s involvement and support we can not do so much so quickly. Gold can not be buried in the soil light, light to hard work, there is no external publicity is absolutely not do good things. So we still have to through the media and the future of all the publicity, the promotion of products out of our own, but also to introduce ourselves to go out.

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HC Network: Yongchun a company operating five separate product line, how did you link up these five products, but also is able to cope very well?

HUANG Yong-chun: In the management structure, we set up by product 5 branches, five independent departments, as some companies division. Factory by the factory manager to manage sales are independent. Such as solar energy factory, a dedicated sales manager and production manager. This 5 branches are run independently, independently of each other, but in the company under the unified command and control, though five separate product, but each product is associated in nature, in a word as a whole.

HC Network: The products on display there in 2008 of new, or is about to off the assembly line in 2009, ready to market some new products?

Yong-Chun Huang: The show exhibited mainly cold products, our library board to achieve a 5 cm to 20 cm, from which aluminum and zinc coated panels library board is a new product, it is better corrosion resistance than the color steel plate, the price almost the same cost or better. There is a heat pump water tank insulation us a crystal inner. This is new.

HC Network: From doing Compressor , Condenser The company has learned, although the environment is in time of financial crisis, but these businesses in 2009 the market is still relatively optimistic about the market in 2009 will still be good cold, your problem is how to treat it?

HUANG Yong-chun: I have full confidence on the refrigeration industry, the domestic and foreign market, in all developed countries, food, medicine involve the use of cold storage. Cold chain is worth looking forward to the domestic market, China’s cold chain market in the development of state of rapid development. The domestic market is now more widely used to cold, such as fruit, vegetable base, BOLA TANGKAS