Channeling the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The power of the subconscious mind is one kind of power that has been taken for granted for the past years – with the exception of the great advertisers and marketers of the modern world. They have learned to use this power intrinsic to each person by selling products and services all over the world. For science, it has also been used in medicine and has been quoted by numerous self-help books. But one thing is for sure: it so powerful that most people believe that it has the influence to change their whole lives.

Nowadays, science has been trying to understand the subconscious mind. Surely, we know that the things we do every day, when we are eating, reading a book or going shopping, are all activities of our conscious mind. We are aware of these things – we do these things with our full intention. The subconscious mind, however, is activated all the time. Although we are not fully aware of it, it is there, apparently dictating to our conscious mind on what it should do and why it should do it. Take this situation as an example: you go shopping and you see a white, silk, embroidered handkerchief with little flower details. You hold it in your hand and you suddenly smile to yourself. It’s the same feeling as holding your grandmother’s handkerchief when she used to wipe your tears away when you slept in their house 30 years ago, you think to yourself. You pick it up, bring it to the cashier, buy it and bring it home. Looking back, what made you actually buy the handkerchief? It’s because of the power of the subconscious mind – the storage of all your feelings and experiences that affect the way you decide today. It’s the same as buying that new perfume which has a hefty price tag – you buy it because you believe that it will make you more seductive and irresistible to the other gender. These beliefs are stocked in your other mind, and you are not fully aware that it is actually dictating your everyday choice.

By knowing that such mind exists in you, you now have the power to make better choices and decisions in your life. The power of the subconscious mind is so vast that it can make you a better person. When you start thinking of something positive, your conscious mind would then be aware of this new thought. It will align itself to make it more positive. It has been called by many names such as ‘the law of attraction’ or ‘positive thinking’ – but all these things can be summed up by doing the following things:

• Know what you really want – start looking inside, at that goal that’s screaming for you to attain.
• Imagine that you already attained it – visualize and imagine that goal; what would you feel when you really have it already?
• Believe – always believe in your goal; never falter, never think negative thoughts.

It might sound stupid at first but changing the way you think can do wonders for your mind, both the conscious and the subconscious. Now, are you ready to change your life just by changing the way you think? Surely, you are now.