Charity Auctions – Find the Best Auctioneer For Your Fundraiser

Live auctions are a great way to raise money for a charitable cause. They create energy and excitement at the event, and allow people to be publicly recognized for their generosity as they raise their paddles to bid on items. Therefore, to ensure active participation through a lively event you want to have the right person as auctioneer. A professional auctioneer has the skills and ability to get the crowd going, ensure that people see the value in each item that is to be bid on, and to squeeze out additional last-minute bids so that you make the most money from your auction event. However, you don’t need to hire a person who says they specialize in doing benefits for charities, and you may want to even beware of the ones that do.

Many people who are new graduates of auction school are advised to start out doing benefit auctions. This is because they have little experience and do not have the skill yet to be hired at a regular auction company. They use charity auctions as their training ground. An auctioneer, who only specializes in doing benefits, may only be doing around 30 to 60 auctions each year, while possibly holding down another job. This may come out to only auctioning for 30 hours a year which is just not enough practice. It takes many more on-the-job hours to become proficient at any job especially to perfect an auctioneer chant. An auctioneer who has speed and a good chant can slow it down if need be for a charity auction. But a slow and untrained chant can never be sped up or made to sound professional.

A professional auctioneer does literally hundreds of auctions all year long, for all kinds of events. This additional experience is a direct benefit to you, in the goal of raising as much funds as possible for your cause. The professional auctioneer has worked with hundreds of different crowds, with countless different bid items, and they know their craft exceptionally well. Someone who claims to specialize in benefit auction may not have the background which would allow them to perfect their craft, the way someone who does this full-time can.

The next time you are holding a charity auction, remember to seek out a professional auctioneer, whose expertise will ensure a highly successful event. Results are what counts for a charitable event, and a professional auctioneer knows exactly how to get that done.