Cheap Fares To India

Cheapest fares to India give you a change to come back for more

India in its variety has something to offer to everybody. Whether one prefers a beach vacation in Goa or Kerala, experience the Southern culture of Tamil Nadu or historical pink city Jaipur, see the golden desert city Jaiselmer or the much European places like Punjab, Pune or Pondicherry. One should also not miss Taj Mahal in Agra which has turned into the symbol of India or Bollywood in Mumbai which produces much more movies than the famous Hollywood in United States. In addition to that, to see the slums or countryside with amazing nature on contrast to metropolitan capital Delhi, it might be hard to believe that all these things and places in their difference can be found in the same country. You might like it or hate it, but you have to admit that India in its varieties and enourmousness is incredible. So just look up the cheapest fares to India and come find it out for yourself!

Unfortunately many people never make it past Goa or Delhi and it would be unfair to claim that these people have seen and experienced India. India is just so much more than that. It is said that India changes completely in every hundred kilometers. Every state has its own culture and traditions, language and food. Even six months will not be enough to really get to know this country and this is the reason why so many people have fallen in love with India and keep coming back again and again. If you too feel the irresistable invitation of incredible India then what are you waiting for? Traveling has never been as easy as today and there are plenty of cheap air fares available to India.

Here are some suggestions from a person in love what to see and do to make your Indian experience into something more. In north you have to see the Himalayas and visit McLeod Ganj to find out what Dalai Lama sees in it and why he has decided to reside there. Another must see and do is visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar – the holiest place in the world for sikh people. Pay your respects to that incredible example of architecture. Eat with thousands of pilgrims the temple food and learn more about Punjab and Sikhism.

Go a bit more down south and discover what Rajasthan has to offer. Ride a camel in one of worlds biggest deserts and sleep under the open sky. Get to know what is the blue city and pay a visit to Pušhkar – an idyllic litte town in the mountains which has turned into a hindusim center with uncountless number of temples around a holy lake resembling the famous pilgrimage Varanasi.

Take up an exotic safari in Gujarat – the only place outside Africa where one can see rare lions still living freely in a sanctuary. See the Kama Sutra temples hidden in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh that introduce you to the Indian ancient wisdom of making love. Finish your North Indian tour with historical Varanasi and Calcutta. And do not torget to return to discover the South India as well, because it has its own story to tell. Contact TripExplorer to get the cheapest air fares to India!
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