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Our exalted high, to portray us as the savior of the world as “Kung Fu Panda” as to save the world economic crisis is exaggerated, because our responsibility and our task is doing their own thing, we China’s economy still stable development today, that is, the greatest contribution to world economy

HC Network Print Under the impact of financial crisis, the global economic downturn, now is the Chinese enterprises “going abroad” the best time to it? China’s foreign investment and frequent Purchase It is time to fish for benefits? The growing popularity of Chinese trade protectionism will raise their hands fight back? Will the nationwide consumer payment?

Chinese international channel of China Central Television, “China News” Wei-Jen, chief reporter an exclusive interview with Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming, asked him to answer the above questions authority. Revisiting the European tour

entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities in machinery and electronics industry
Ren Yong Wei: We know that the Ministry of Commerce on March 8 and again to organize the Chinese enterprises to invest in Europe, and mergers and acquisitions, this acquisition targets and areas of that?

Chen Deming: This group is our last government procurement to promote trade and investment mission continuation of the Mission’s mandate. Want to be the major merger around machinery, electronics these two industries, as well as some foreign brands, famous and sales Network Around so many things to do.

Ren Yong Wei: Why the direction set in these areas?
Chen Deming: Because I fear, are to invest how they want to develop their own before we do, like buying the same, I should get what I need, the investment should be with me now the integration of career development and integration. Why major in mechanical and electrical

industry? This is our country’s economic structure are related. Because our country the proportion of electromechanical industry now accounts for a lot of industry is the most dominant, but the processing of high-end mechanical and electrical products, we are in a disadvantage to the relative position. Therefore, in this industry is more, there are some, like textiles and apparel have to do because you know the famous brand mainly in Europe, mainly in Europe, like clothes, so to Europe to see some of Europe’s fashion brand.

Another point of view Why? Each other a raise, they have such a number of companies want us to, so there is a consistent problem in which supply and demand.

Help enterprises “going out” Ministry of Commerce for information to avoid detour
Ren Yong Wei: We know that in the present context of economic crisis, Chinese companies go global and enthusiastic, as the main work of the Ministry of Commerce of the work for them to do?

Chen Deming: the various departments from the State Council “Sanding” division of labor is concerned, we are the lead companies out of their investments, the current international market opportunities, companies going out we should take the lead.

Same time, we have more than 200 commercial counselors abroad agencies, they understand the situation of each country, with developed countries, emerging countries, but also far from developed countries, the situation of some enterprises in these countries is expected to invest in China, some are difficult to sustain, while others hope the Chinese partners to participate in joint operations, but rather would go to those partners is the international market, we will give them some help, guidance and support.

First, the above information and services, our two-year national investment guidance in preparing this book, on each country’s economic and legal environment, the main structure are introduced, and there were different languages, you can as a reference.

Second, the business sector with the provincial Cooperation Help enterprises to go overseas agencies we serve them.

Third, we follow the different industries, some companies will be organized and orderly manner to the several countries to study the investment environment and go out before the first counselor outside our bodies will introduce each other’s requirements, there is such a demand before we go will not blindly go out.

“Going Global” case of a good time not to follow the trend of prudent action

Ren Yong Wei: You said that the Ministry of Commerce will help China’s domestic enterprises to go to participate in a number of mergers and acquisitions, do you think now is the right time for enterprises to go out of it?

Chen Deming: from the current international financial crisis and world economic recession, speaking from the outside, it should be to a better, that when going out, but I feel no need to worry because the economy is still going down, you can look at them while walking to a specific analysis. However, the scale of development of domestic enterprises, human resources and capital in terms of preparedness is not adequate, most of our understanding of the international market, personnel ready bit short. But this fleeting moment, I think domestic qualified enterprises to get out, but we have to sum up the past few years, some enterprises go out there are some failure cases, while small, is also annihilated, and it has been Kengmengguaipian others, and also after the market failed to explore the final, though very few have summarized these cases, to prevent out to herd, bring a lot of difficulties. This inside understanding of foreign countries in particular, “labor law”, foreign trade union organizations how organizations, often these problems we sometimes do not prepare, just pay attention to the large investment environment, do not pay attention to labor relations. So I think we should actively and carefully to do this. Click to see more exciting

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