Chicken Coop Design

I first heard about people raising chickens in their personal gardens back in 2004, when a friend of mine started performing it due to the fact he liked organic food and being aware of that the eggs he ate came from animals that have been treated and raised in a humane manner. He decided the only way to know for positive about that was if he raised the chickens himself. He did a lot of research on the different aspects of chicken coop design, and then he built two quite decent-sized coops in his back garden, because it’s pretty massive. A couple of weeks right after that we went more than and my wife heard about it, and then absolutely nothing would do but that we raised some chickens of our own.

I was okay with it, I guess. We have a pretty large garden ourselves, but I could not see needing that a lot of eggs so I managed to speak the missus into only a single coop. Fine, she stated, and then she left me to get began on the chicken coop style, going off with a large book under her arm named how to care for chickens. Properly, I wasn’t about to do all that investigation myself what with my pal currently getting completed it, so I gave him a contact and asked him to come more than.

He did, and ran more than the basics with me in the small shed I use as my workshop. 1st, he said, chickens need to have enough space to be comfy, or they will not lay as several eggs as they must. I asked him how much space was enough, and he gave me these recommendations:

* Inside the coop ” at least 4 square feet per bird

* Outside the coop in a run – at least ten square feet per bird

* On roosts ” three horizontal feet per bird.

Other than that, he stated, I also needed to make confident there was sufficient ventilation in the chicken coop style to preserve the chickens healthful. They naturally like temperatures that are neither extremely hot or cold, so adding windows into the top of the coop would permit air to circulate and maintain the temperature in a variety the poultry would like. With that in mind, I place in 1 that I could handle how significantly it opens, considering that sometimes it gets cold right here and a wide open 1 would let in drafts that the chickens would locate just as uncomfortable.

He also told me about how chickens like to roost off the ground. Apparently this is since in the wild they sleep on tree branches to stay away from predators, so that adding roosts into a chicken coop style that lets them do one thing equivalent will make them feel safer. I ended up picking, at his recommendation, 2 x 2 boards with the sides rounded a bit to make it less complicated for my birds to grip them.

The last factor to contemplate was protection from some of the chickens’ natural predators. Given that there are so several, of so many distinct sorts”such as birds of prey, wild cats, and wolves or foxes”you require to consider all angles of attack when making your chicken coop style predator-proof. Make certain the walls of the coop are strong adequate, and that any chicken wire you use has a modest sufficient mesh to prevent them receiving into the run.