Chicken Coop Designs and How to House and Safeguard Chickens

A program without having delivering security for the chicken from predators is bound to lead to you severe issues. Right after all, chicken meat is a preferred meal not only of people but of other carnivorous creatures like wild cats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, stray dogs, rats, snakes and foxes. As predators, they will go by means of great efforts to break by way of your coop or chicken home to assert their location in the meals chain.

You need to secure your chicken from these predators or you could not be able to get a great rest at evening considering of your flock being devoured by predators that normally go after their prey after dark. Of course, your initial line of defense is your coop, which need to be constructed making use of solid lumber to avoid the entry of a predator. A tiny gap in the wood could just be the correct opening for a determined predator to chew and claw his way into your coop and snatch your chicken.

Chicken Coop Plans

A chicken residence can be best secured by elevating it three to four feet off the ground. It ought to have a powerful flooring to avoid wild animals from attacking your stock from beneath. Your roof must likewise be secured employing robust supplies. Do not develop your Chicken coop under a tree to keep away from animals from accessing it from the leading.

It is also a great concept to give roosting places in your chicken house which can serve as escape posts when attacked by predators. Most chickens would instinctively perch on them at evening, making it challenging for predators to get to their would-be preys with ease.

It is a excellent concept to use wood shavings on the floor of the Chicken coop right after sprinkling lime on it to help neutralize odor. Diatomaceous earth, a non-chemical insecticide that is secure for pets and people, may possibly also be sprinkled to handle lice and mites. For nesting boxes, all-natural straws make excellent nesting supplies which birds constantly rearrange to turn them into a best bird’s nest. Diatomaceous earth could likewise be applied to the nesting boxes for the same goal.

Chicken Coop Styles for Small Operators

Tiny poultry operators handling one hundred to 200 birds are the usual victims of predatory birds because the significant commercial operators keep theirs confined in coops all the time.

If there are birds of prey in your region, like hawks and eagles, then it is a good concept to create a secure enclosure which can serve as the birds’ free range area.

The size of the pen is determined by your flock size, about 3 square feet per bird. If you have 100 birds, for example, your pen size ought to be at least 30×10 ft in area.

Adequate meals provide, fresh water, clean coop, secured roaming are important considerations in keeping and caring for your chickens. If you do all these, you will be adequately rewarded with fresh and nutritious eggs and chicken meat for your family and added revenue whilst you get pleasure from the fresh caress of nature and its bounties.