Chicken Coop Designs Explained

If you are about to raise chickens you will need to have a chicken coop, due to the fact that is had been your hens will truly live. Normally, these housing structures are constructed with nesting boxes exactly where the chickens lay their eggs and a bird perch for them to sleep on. There is an ongoing debate as what a chicken coops genuine purpose is and the side that you choose will tell you the factors you require to know about chicken coop creating plans.

There is a group of individuals who believe that chickens are strong animals that can withstand outdoor circumstances and that they can’t be confined in a coop that is dark and has a poor ventilation method. If you agree to this, then your chicken coop need to be constructed from material that is light and airy. The coop also has to be large sufficient so your hens can move about. You must calculate at least four square feet for every chicken you are going to maintain.

Another group of people think that chickens can not withstand the outdoors and are prone to illness when exposed to the elements. These people think that a chicken coop has to be sturdy in order to defend the animals from the climate. This indicates that the supplies you would use are heavy and can avert wind drafts.

As you can see these two diverse opinions lead to distinct styles. It totally depends which arguments you agree to. . A single style has to be huge with windows that permit ventilation and the other design and style has to have windows that can be shut to handle the ventilation.

It does not matter which arguments you agree to as lengthy as you do not forget about the most important thing: Protecting your chickens welfare.. You need to maintain in mind that by keeping your chickens healthier and feeling comfortable, you will increase the number of eggs they lay. And in the finish this is what you want.
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