Chicken Coop Plans – Tips For Choosing the Best Chicken Coop Plans!

Safety is A key Component In Chicken Coop Plans!
Natural predators are a large factor in the construction of your coop. There are necessary precautions that, when taken, will ensure that your chickens will be safe. There are any number of predators, but the most common are dogs, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, lions, fisher cats, red-tailed hawks and bears.
The choice of chicken coop plans that you make should contain tips on how to protect your egg-producing chickens from the most common predators.

Just a few tips would be to embed your chicken wire at least 12″ below ground so no predator is able to dig their way into the coop, as well as to install barbed wire a few inches above the ground on the outside of the chicken wire to further deter entrance into your chicken domicile.

Healthy Chickens! Another Component of Your Chicken Coop Plans!
Chickens produce the best when they are clean, safe and happy. Having automatic water and food would be ideal, although not necessary, as well as running electricity to the coop. Supplying adequate daylight in the winter months is important for keeping production if that is what you want.

Adequate ventilation, without being drafty, is a must for the health of the chickens. Also include a chicken door and ramp to enter, enough perches for your chickens and nesting boxes. Insulation is also very important in certain climates and always keep in mind the ease of cleaning when you are choosing your plans. This will help you keep the smell to a minimum, save yourself time and keep your chickens healthy.

Total Cost? Less Than $ 150! Choose One of the Best Chicken Coop Plans Out There!

How is it possible to make a chicken coop for less than $ 150 when the pre-built ones are close to $ 1000? The right choice in chicken coop plans and tips on how to find the right materials for very cheap is the answer. Get detailed, step-by-step plans, tips on gathering materials that are below retail price and then spend a few days building your new coop. Within no time you will have home-raised chickens and their organic eggs.

This is one step in going green and improving the space around us.

Choosing the right plans for your situation can make all the difference in your experience. Choose plans that are simple, cost very little and are available immediately and you can have your new coop in a few short weeks.

A complete set of chicken coop plans can be found at Building A Chicken Coop