Chicken Coop Styles

If you have taken an interest in chicken-raising, either as a hobby or a way to obtain eggs and chicken meat with out possessing to buy them from the grocery shop, how to residence your new birds will be 1 of the very first factors you want to tackle. The standard for housing poultry is to construct them a comfy chicken coop to live in. Of course, how you construct it will differ depending on your certain scenario, how numerous chickens you plan on keeping, what sort of location you live in, and so forth.

Regardless, although, there are some elements of chicken coop styles that are identical no matter the situations.

* Make confident your birds have enough living space. Inside the coop, you will want to give them at least 4 square feet each in total area. This implies if you have 5 chickens, you need to have at least 20 square feet for them to live comfortably in the coop.

* Make positive you leave space in the strategy to attach a chicken run outside the coop itself. Chickens need to have ten square feet every to walk about in, otherwise they will feel cramped.

Other than these space issues, much of what you look for in your chicken coop designs is up to you. You can design the exterior of the coop to look like something you want, from a victorian home or a greek temple to a functional and minimalist wooden box. 1 issue you must make certain to preserve in thoughts, although, is that your coop will need to be huge enough for you to get inside for cleaning purposes. If you can not get into it, your job of maintaining your chickens wholesome and happy will be that significantly more tough.

A handful of other items you want to include, regardless of your chicken coop styles are sufficient ventilation and predator protection. There are a lot of animals which prey on poultry, from foxes and hawks to wolves, wild dogs, and even wild cats. With all this to be concerned about, your birds will feel a lot safer”and therefore, will be significantly more productive and healthier”if you make certain that their home is solid and difficult for wild animals to get into. Use solid wooden walls alternatively of a wire frame mesh. Of course, you shouldn’t use wood to frame your chicken run for that job, wire frame mesh is just fine.

Ventilation is crucial since chickens do not like extremes in temperature regardless of whether or not it is too hot or also cold. They choose cool climate, but if it’s as well cold they will get just as unhappy as if it is too hot. Make certain you contain some windows when planning out your chicken coop styles to account for this preference of your birds. A window towards the top is a great idea, because the hot, stale air will go out of it naturally, and you will not have to worry about installing some sort of mechanical technique to circulate air.

Other suggestions include adding nesting boxes for your hens to lay eggs in, roosts for them to sleep on, and straightforward-to-clean bedding boxes for the chicken droppings to fall into. Roosts are specifically essential, since chickens do not like sleeping on the ground. Regardless of how you make your chicken coop designs, just make certain your chickens have adequate area and keep comfortable. They will thank you for it.