Children’s Meal “cartoons” Can “eat”

Nowadays, the market more to foreign fast-food children’s meals mainly the lack of nutrition, is not healthy. Chinese children’s meal with adult work in the form of food is no different, to attract children. Juan from the kindergarten to see opportunities to work, first the children “cartoon meal.” March 2003, Juan began to invest 30,000 yuan Business . Only one year, Juan’s “cartoon meal” had entered the Hunan Changsha in several kindergartens and primary schools and kindergartens with one of three primary schools and five meals a long-term contract signed, the annual turnover has reached more than 100 million.

2002, the Juan in Changsha as a kindergarten teacher. At work, many children do not like to eat into Juan headache. A, Juan found a child in the meal, rice and vegetable combinations will become a “one off” image, his food with relish. The next day, Juan initiative will be indistinguishable from the original rice makes up a “one off” image, Who knows more kids are clamoring to eat, “a meal break.”

Since the launch of “cartoon meal”, the children were eating joy, little ones are more obedient. This inspired Juan entrepreneurial ideas.

2003 2 months, Juan quit the kindergarten work, obsessed with making “cartoon meal.” “Cartoon meal” style is the key. Juan collect a large number of children like the cartoon image, designed Crayon Shin-chan, Chibi Maruko, Doraemon and other “cartoon food” model of this. Image settle down, Juan began the materials studied, the final decision in nutrient rich and colorful vegetables as the main Raw material .

In their own trial and error, the Juan for his “Cartoon food” production provides two criteria. First, the use of materials strictly. Per box “cartoon meal” where have fresh vegetables and meat. For example: a dress with a cabbage leaf, with Ham Dicing the end face, with kelp hair, eyes, with laver to do so. Because “cartoon meal” just was not enough to attract children, but also have to meet the child nutrition necessary for growth. Thus, not only to ensure the natural color of each dish to achieve rich, but also to each nutritionally balanced lunch box. Second, strict production process. In order to avoid cooking vegetables to change color and nutrition Ershi the loss of Juan raw vegetables first placed on the cooked rice, then Shanglong Zheng about 3 to 5 minutes. Do so out of “cartoon food,” food cooked, the vegetables will not change color, but also to ensure the nutrition, modeling is also beautiful. In order to achieve this standard every time, Juan various dishes in the different “cartoon meal” in the shape and position are doing a record, drew a map, and invented a “cartoon meal” making Tips.

Familiar with the “cartoon food” production method, Juan decided to “cartoon food” market. If your shop, then add up all the costs will become a large part of expenditure. Juan hands at a time when only the more than 30,000 yuan, how to do? After some pondering, Juan decided to make at home “cartoon meal.” Although such cost savings, but the absence of their store, customers will not take the initiative to the door, only to find their own source.

Juan first thought in kindergarten. As the model beautiful, Juan suddenly sold dozens of boxes of “cartoon meal.” Net profit more than 2000 yuan a month. Soon, she received orders for other kindergartens. Successfully opened the nursery after the channel, Juan decided to extend the “cartoon meal” in the market?? Development of primary market. In order to win this season, Juan conducted a market survey to primary school. Because the primary market more, Juan in Sell Adopted a “puerile” strategy. Soon, “cartoon food” has also been recognized by students and parents. ( HC Food Industry Tip: business risk, the project should be carefully compared to the visit)