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Start time: 2009-12-04 End time: 2009-12-04 Venue: Beijing Sponsored by: China Video Industry Association
Sponsor: China Video Industry Association Exchange Training
China Audio and Video Industrial Technology and Application Trends Forum and China Digital TV Industry Chain report

Beijing? Wanshou Hotel Supervisor: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division
Forum website: China Video Industry Network
A forum Introduction Chinese audio and video industry technology trends and applications forum (AVF)
Chinese audio and video industry technology trends and applications Forum (AVF), is the authoritative guidance of national audio and video industry forum, the Forum was founded in November 2005, an annual session. At present, China is being audio and video industry worldwide attention, look at China’s audio and video industry, is showing Digital , Networking, wireless and convergence of trends. Innovation and integration in the context of China’s audio and video industries are areas than just the competitive products, go to the standard core of the industry chain as a whole ecosystem Overlap.

Forum focus on the domestic and global audio and video industry’s core technologies, products, applications and emerging markets, based on cutting-edge, fully grasp the direction and development of domestic and international market hot; information exchange for enterprises and business structures Cooperation Platform; as to promote construction of audio and video chain in order to promote China’s audio and video industry, the comprehensive development of mutual benefits through synergies.

China Digital TV Industry Chain report (DICC)
China Digital TV Industry Chain Construction report (DICC), founded in September 2006. DICC to “promote independent innovation, the results show recommended to promote exchanges and cooperation, to promote industrial development”, to display and promote China’s digital TV products, technologies, programs, research and development and the positive outcome of independent intellectual property rights; promote independent research and development, continuing innovation capabilities; build dialogue and exchanges and cooperation platform for the digital TV industry chain development.

2009 12 4, the two forums (AVF, DICC) will be merged, grand opening.
Second, the value of the Forum
Insight into the domestic and international trends and application of the latest technological achievements? Understand the dynamic industrial policy

Grasp the international market focus and direction? Involved in high-level interaction
Realize the potential business opportunities? Media reported the whole focus
3, participants units ? Related government agencies and industry associations? Domestic and foreign manufacturers
Related organizations? The media 4, media reports ? Network media Sina, Sohu, Tencent, IT 168, eNet, HC network, SAN, the Chinese digital television network, the National Grid, NEW YORK, Xinhuanet, household appliances circle Streaming Media Net, PCHOME, China Video Industry Network, the China Information Industry Net … …

Print media Xinhua News Agency, China Business News, Beijing Youth Daily, China Economic Herald, Shopping Guide, China Quality Daily, China Intellectual Property News, China Electronics News, consumer electronics world, the Chinese digital TV, home appliances large vision, household appliances Modern show, television technology, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, China Computer Newspaper, China multimedia video, computer world, the mass of digital … …

5, China Audio and Video Industry Innovation Awards event
Selection object Audio and video in the field of Chinese enterprises, institutions and individuals and their achievements in scientific research, products, technologies and programs.

Prizes 2009 China Audio and Video Industry Award for Technology Innovation Audio and video industry in China

2009 Product Innovation Award 2009 Application of the Chinese audio and video industry innovation award
Selection criteria Awards principles: fair, just and open. Shen Ping object to the originality, impact forward-looking and the industry awards such as the standard.

Selection committee: the activities initiated by the unit related personnel, consists of group of experts judging panel of experts from the industry-leading, industry researchers and the media, composed of senior journalists.

VI Forum content (tentative) 2009 China Audio and Video Industry Technology and Application Trends Forum (AVF)

& China Digital TV Industry Chain report BOLA TANGKAS