China Blue Said The Three-year Sales Of 10 Million Units Will Be Players – Blu-ray, Cbhd Products –

Announced in Guangzhou
China’s high-definition Blu-ray
(CBHD) in development planning, planning that next year, vendors will be present CBHD 2 to 10, CBHD program will reach 1,000, the player’s
Volume to reach 1 million next year, to reach 10 million units within three years.

Conference, promoting the union issued a support AVS independent audio and video standards and content protection system with DKAA CBHD new generation products, including the unique dual-key CBHD standard content protection system. Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center of Tsinghua University, deputy director of land up to that: This Blu-ray high-definition era in China has a CD in the field right to speak, and to the existing industrial base disc can be fully effective. The CBHD of industrialization on China’s information industry, compact disc and audio-visual publishing industry provided new opportunities for development.

Group Chairman Li Dongsheng said at the meeting, in the process of China’s electronics industry, the most important challenge comes from patents and intellectual property. China
Industry must have its own technology and patents, industrial upgrading and transformation of the essential. “China’s DVD industry has great influence in the world, China Blue with independent intellectual property rights, China’s DVD industrial upgrading of the entire transition will be more beneficial, allowing us have this ability, a Blu-ray industry leader, rather than follower. “

Promotion Union experts, CBHD and the DVD format similar to the structure and the physical production process compatible to the existing DVD production equipment, can be slightly modified to produce CBHD discs, and soon formed the industrial base CBHD . DVD release, production companies on the basis of the original high-definition discs is easy to participate in the production of genuine cost advantage is obvious. Thus, China has a more competitive CBHD blue prices, more suitable for Chinese consumers.

Electronic Information Division Ministry of Industry and Xiao Hua said earlier that China’s first high-definition discs to maximize their stuff, so local businesses have a greater voice. Second, our time in the DVD industry can not be accumulated waste, China now has more than 120 CD replication company, CBHD CD-ROM production and DVD equipment have great compatibility, if fully adopted
Format, it means giving up the existing industrial base. This is interpreted by many in the industry to government support CBHD, BD formats in order to increase combat
Chips, avoid repeating the mistakes DVD.

But the HD industry development, the lack of film source is the biggest obstacle. Domestic research institutions shows that this BD
Blu-ray disc players
In the first half of overall sales are still poor, only this year is expected to reach several thousand less than 1% of the overall market share. Industry analysts said the key to get rid of this embarrassing situation, or to have new sources for support.

Promote the alliance, said to Warner, the singing, Film, represented by content providers at home and abroad have begun to support China’s Blu-ray. At the same time,
Dozens of audio and video distribution company has a large high-definition audio and video resources, and promote digital home base in Guangdong Union signed a joint set up a “Chinese Blu-ray high-definition programming in the (Southern) Center,” the agreement. At the meeting, CAV Warner Home Entertainment executives said the addition to the existing recorded Warner, the U.S. global content providers such as the United States will join the CBHD format, providing for the CBHD discs support.

It is understood that Warner, the singing and so has launched dozens of CBHD high-definition large, planned to reach more than 100 years the Department. Video stores nationwide, Xinhua Bookstore and some supermarket chains are sold, Amazon, Dangdang and other sites can also be purchased. In the future, including movies, TV shows, concerts, beautiful piece, the government investment, educational, films, corporate films, product films and other video programs will to CBHD formats, CBHD discs priced at 50 yuan. In addition to content providers, the advance Union said in August from the beginning, Gome, Suning Appliance Chain the two giants have entered into sales agreements, fully involved in the promotion of China’s Blu-ray player. BOLA TANGKAS