China Security Monitor Market Development Pattern And Trend Analysis – Monitor The Market – Security

Security Monitoring System Terminal Monitor is an important visual products. With the closed-circuit TV monitoring system and network wide application, monitors have become the Social Security Protection, environmental monitoring, production monitoring, surveillance of public places, focusing on unit control, Video Conference Systems and human interaction insurmountable products, a variety of monitors to become about “a thousand miles away” on-site occurrence of the “telescope.” As Technology Progress, monitor from black and white to color, from analog to digital, from general to high-definition, from thick to thin, square inch between the contests. Play in our lives more and more important role, has been formed billions of Market Size.

One monitor Past and Present Monitors have to say about from a TV display technology. Because the monitor than the TV in the functional performance simple but demanding than television, monitors actually display the specific application.

1883, the German Pavel. Nipkow scanning disk television was invented, this original core technology is a television with a number of holes in the scan disk, scan disk rotating process disk through the hole to see the back of the person or scene, there will be a a bright and dark spots, the bright and dark spots of light and shade colleagues or corresponding features, television scanning disk to the bright and dark spots converted into electrical signals for transmission, the receiving device also uses the same method to restore the electrical signals to light signals picture appears;

1925, the Americans invented the mechanical scanning television Baird, TV scan has been greatly improved. However, mechanical scanning television, there are two fatal weaknesses: image blurring and must have a high brightness illumination light;

1933, the father of modern television – Russian-born American scientist Zorkin successfully developed a practical optical camera tubes and television picture tubes, from entering Electronic The age of television. In that year, RCA television system will be composed of 240 scanning lines successfully transferred the image to 4 kilometers away, appears in the screen. In 1935, the British Broadcasting Corporation television replaced with electronic scanning machines scan Baird invented television; in 1936, the Hungarian engineer Gedemake invented the color television; in 1940, Americans Gourma developed electromechanical color TV system ; March 17, 1985, Sony Held in Tsukuba, Japan Science and International Exposition in the construction of 1,000 square meters large area of color television wall, 14 stories tall, the equivalent of a 1857 in. TV, large color TV wall by a large display panel composed of 36 , each weighing 1 ton, 1.8 m thick, a total of 450 000 light-emitting device; November 25, 1991, Sony’s high-definition TV began test broadcasts, the scan lines 1125, was 525 higher than a times; from the nineties of last century, various display applications have appeared, followed a variety of models, the various functions of the monitor will go to cities around the world, communities, office buildings, Factory School security monitoring center, staying at home will know what is happening outside the real-time, bring people into a wonderful colorful world.

Monitor as an important applications, various types of monitors emerging, more and more light weight, higher and higher resolution, more brilliant color. Liquid crystal (LCD), plasma (PDP), light-emitting diode (LED) monitors, etc. Advanced technology is widely used products.

Now monitor production in China Enterprise The main technology used in CRT (cathode ray tube display technology), liquid crystal display, plasma display technology, and even some high-end technologies (such as LED, OLED) has also been applied in the field of security monitors. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic monitors using CRT technology still holds 55% of products, mainly the cost of low price advantage, but more cumbersome; and LCD / LED monitor to the image bright, bright, clear and has the advantage of thin shaken the CRT monitor market dominance. Especially the LED is rapidly develop in the direction to the big screen, LED monitors into the fast lane of development.

Second, monitor the market development pattern

Present, the domestic market or to monitor domestic brands, in the high-end market, foreign brands occupy a certain market share. However, as technology matures, domestic monitors have a place in the high-end market. At five past six p.m. on October 24, 2007, carrying on the 1st lunar satellite Chang’e long march rocket, carrying the Chinese people for thousands of years of dreams and hope, like a dragon in the gorgeous flame against the background Xiazhi into the cloud, while recording the important moment in the picture Shenzhen Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. Xin An anti-production of 37-inch professional LCD monitor. So far, Chinese-made professional monitors are widely used not only for civilian control, but also in defense, aerospace industry, military and other areas with high-end market. According to the Chinese Public Security Research Institute showed that: in 2008 the domestic market monitor up to 30 billion yuan, Qi Cheng market share of domestic brands, foreign brands accounted for You Sancheng market; occupy nearly Liucheng share desktop, LCD machines account for 4 percent ; CRT monitors with LCD monitors 20,42 15,17,19,21,32 inch and inch-standard products are the market share each Liu Cheng, are basically flat-panel display technology based; but the concern is that LCD monitor is the growth rate of 15% to replace CRT monitor, CRT monitor market has obviously declined.

1, the direction of technology development towards high-definition

Undeniable, from the cathode ray tube display, liquid crystal display and plasma display technology, organic light-emitting diode display technology to the evolution of the latter than the former in the thickness, weight, brightness, resolution, functionality, perspective, response time, Operating temperature range is superior in many other aspects. CRT from spherical, flat rectangular, cylindrical to flat tube evolution, realistic images without distortion. If the plasma monitor is the second CRT / LCD after the new generation of products, characterized by thin, resolution excellent, can create large monitor, and no bending Board of visual surface display of color is more beautiful, more colorful, application a bright future. But the LCD is widely recognized as the most suitable for monitoring security in the field as a professional end product. Issues such as life, is now generally the life of LCD screens can reach 50,000 hours or more, resolution can easily be achieved even more than the standard HD 1080P full HD grade, power and heat are relatively small. Now the global LCD industry, mainly in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan BOLA TANGKAS