China To Adjust Import Tariff Rates For Some Electronic Products

Ministry of Economic System Reform and Economic Operation violence Fu lock

According to China’s accession to the World Trade Organization commitments, from January 1, 2008 onwards, further adjustments to reduce China’s fresh strawberry, 45 products of terephthalic acid such as MFN tariff rates. Adjustment, the overall level of China’s tariff was 9.8%, of which the average agricultural tariff rate was 15.2%; industrial average tariff rate is 8.9%.

An electronic product tariff adjustment According to China’s accession to the World Trade Organization commitments, from January 1, 2005, China has 256 tariff lines on information technology products are all implemented zero tariff; 2008, not the rest of the electronic products in China MFN rates adjusted only part of the consumer electronics, electronic components and some special materials provisional import tariff rates and tariff items have been adjusted; according to China with the country’s free trade agreements, continue to implement and further adjust the lower part of the agreement for electronic products tax rate; under the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, originating in Hong Kong and Macao and complete the origin criteria approved some electronic products from a zero tariff; to all taxable items on the nine non-zero tariff information technology products management of the implementation of the Customs for verification.

Second, some electronic products and electronic products, special materials provisional rate adjustment

To promote scientific and technological progress, business innovation and electronic products industry chain extension to the core product, in 2008, China added a TFT? LCD LCD backlight module used in the production of optical components, LCD backlight with cold cathode tubes, liquid crystal display panel with the original glass, LCD glass substrate manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning equipment for flat panel displays and liquid crystal display panel glass for the production of the original alumina, barium carbonate, strontium carbonate, zirconium silicate and other components and raw materials provisional import tariff rates; continue to LCD panels, plasma imaging components and parts, optical flat glass (thickness of 0.7 mm or less), plasma modules for the production of high strain point glass (strain point at 550 degrees Celsius and above), conductivity glass, quartz glass (roughness less than equal to 1 micron) and the production of plasma display panels with a silver electrode paste, medium size, vasospasm size, phosphor slurry and other flat panel display production parts, raw materials and the implementation of the current tentative tax rate; In addition, new evidence of the royalties (including software license upgrades, software user license, etc.), printed with the procedures of automatic data processing equipment, paper, contact image sensors (scanning head), thermal print head , tape-based broadcast quality video, CD-ROM-based broadcast video recorders, radios and their combinations with parts and other electronic products in 2008 provisional import tariff rates.

Information to promote adjustment of industrial structure in China, the trade balance and support the high-tech electronic products, from January 1, 2008, the country still further adjustments reduced the following electronic products and electronic products, special materials provisional import tariff in 2007 tax rate, including: polysilicon, laser disc machine precision micro-motor movement (diameters less than 24 mm, power

To promote the development of production technology of China’s information industry, from January 1, 2008, the country continued on the following electronic products and electronic products for the production of raw materials and the implementation of the current provisional tax, are: running out of printed circuit board manufacturing system dry film resist, optical fiber coatings, electrode paste (mainly composed of silver, nickel or copper, and organic solvent), the mass percent bromine content of 18% or more, or import CIF price is higher than 3800 U.S. dollars / ton ring epoxy resin (such as soluble solvent to pure epoxy conversion percentage of bromine content), optical communication components of the glass capillary dim light, positioning tube (outside diameter less than 3nn), display tubes, glass and parts thereof, CCL and printed circuit boards with copper foil (thickness 0.15 mm), computer to plate machine, computer to plate machines and parts, electrostatic sensitive multi-function integrated machine, width> 60cm of inkjet printing equipment (with the network or automatic data processing devices), width> 60cm static photographic printing equipment (laser printer, with network connection or automatic data processing equipment), automated teller machines out of money, power is not greater than 0.5 watts BOLA TANGKAS