China Unicom, Zte 3g Jicai Single Paragraph On The Card The Highest Share

Recently, China Unicom 3G brand officially launched the first batch will be launched, including the phone card, mobile music, mobile TV , Mobile search and video telephony services, including the top five highlights. Unicom, as among the first models Jicai star models, ZTE Communications on a single card MF637U with the highest bid shall share a red carpet lineup Unicom “the most to steal the spotlight star.” This was held in Beijing with the earlier strategy of 3G terminal high-profile conference echoed show ZTE consumer advocate in the 3G era “very exchange life” ambitions and aspirations.

MF637U is for Chinese consumers go for ZTE to build, in the formal launch of the first domestic WCDMA Wireless network card. Goal directed has a mobile office, roaming needs of high-end business people, and the pursuit of individual users, young fashion. W which products adhering to the data card ZTE has always been the mature technology. It has the appearance of lines and elegant slim figure, the thickness of only 90mm. MF637U not only support the full range of HSUPA / HSDPA / UM IT S and EDGE / GPRS / GSM network technology, its support in the uplink and downlink speeds up to 5.76Mbps, respectively, and 7.2Mbps. Alleged that the products and Windows2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS and other operating systems can be compatible; double Antenna Designed to support diversity processing technology that allows high-speed Internet access more stable and smooth; maximum support 4G memory mass storage building treasure collection at any time, at any time to read the most touching music, the most hot words, the most moving film. The use of-line USB interface design MF637U, compact portable, above those wonderful content is let you “carry” to ease the journey you will travel experience.

Data card in addition to W, the ZTE in building the network in W also speed up the process. According to China Unicom’s WCDMA and as a result ZTE in Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other coastal provinces, including Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Dalian and other cities and municipalities and the core. As early as February 6 with China Unicom, ZTE has already completed the first commercial WCDMA Shenzhen Bureau of distributed base station and the Acer model station station installation, and open up the first call, also in Fujian, and Chongqing provinces and cities of the video phones have opened up in recent days.

“In the 3G era, technology is the key. ZTE has insisted in recent years Sell 10% of revenues into research and development, is now looking at the 3G technologies such as PA +, LTE and so on are increasing input. Whether the data card, or mobile terminals and network base station construction, ZTE will continue to optimize and adjust to market demand. ZTE and China Unicom will believe in all product lines have a more in-depth Cooperation . “ZTE and China Unicom relevant person in charge of cooperation for the confident.

In addition, ZTE bring its N61 mobile phone and other business “WCDMA Terminal Star” all appeared in China Unicom conference. Unicom’s first custom model, as only a domestic high-end smart phones, ZTE N61 soon as he was played by the major media will be sought after. BOLA TANGKAS