China Will Regulate Businesses “going Out”

In addition to some of the current state-owned enterprises

vicious competition, there are some bad, and no domestic production of licensed products are also out, causing the “Made in China” damage the image of the need to study seriously.

Commerce Minister Chen Deming said yesterday that, at present, Chinese enterprises “going out” of the overall situation is good, but some non-standard situations, such as items in the same vicious competition between state-owned enterprises, China will further specification.

Chen Deming said that at present the exception of some state-owned enterprises vicious competition, there are some poor, there is no domestic production of licensed products are also out, causing the “Made in China” damage the image of the need to study seriously.

In addition, policies to support enterprises to go out focused on two aspects: First, investment facilitation, the second is financial support. Enterprises overseas, need China in the overseas branches of banks to help and support. The Government will also increase business, “going out” support, including foreign aid, loans, etc. You buy excellent.

Distribution companies not to engage in regional blockade

Chen Deming said the Ministry of Commerce together with the financial department of home appliances to the countryside subsidies simplified procedures for farmers receiving subsidies, and actively expand domestic demand, especially consumer demand. Appliances to rural areas across the country pushing to subsidize the species further increased, the financial sector, together with the simplification procedures for subsidies to facilitate the farmers to receive subsidies, study and perfect the methods of supervision to prevent cheating up. In support of the enterprise market, attention to prevent counterfeiting and other entrapping and harming behavior.

Chen Deming said that to promote the flow of business development, distribution companies to encourage trans-regional mergers and acquisitions, bigger and stronger, local distribution companies can not exclude the field, can not engage in regional blockade. Education will become the hot consumer

Mr Chen also pointed out that to create conditions to support the consumption structure of urban upgrading. Good grasp of public service in consumer platform to promote the “convenience consumer into the community, convenience services into the family” and “double into the works” to strengthen community housekeeping, breakfast, renewable resource recycling services. Regulate the development of online shopping, telephone shopping and other new marketing methods to promote the bank card business credit card spending and healthy development, foster information products, household services, leisure and tourism, culture, education, green food and automobile consumption hot spots.

Historical experience shows that the economy is relatively low reserves for the future of human capital is also an opportune time. World War II the U.S. economy continues to boom, thanks to the last century on the Great Depression 30 years of training and education very seriously. It is understood that domestic residents in training, education and other areas of investment, will promote the new consumer demand and stimulate consumption. “By the state’s policy, through industrial upgrading and independent innovation, coupled with improved quality of workers, Chinese enterprises can not only keep existing markets, but also may occupy a larger market in the future.” Economist Li Yining said.