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Planted acreage of the world’s total area 1 / 4 to become an important industry to change the regional economic structure

Nowadays, is the potato harvest in northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are the county’s large commercial machines roar field, advanced harvesting machinery, to a large number of potatoes from the ground turned out. Local farmers said excitedly, potato planting, to solve their food problem. On the ground, not just a potato dish, or promoting economic development in industry. In China, like all such business as the main crop potato where there are many, potato has become an industry.

Potato solve big problems 2008, the United Nations FAO news release, according to scientists analyzing and solving the problem of food security the future of humanity, only by the potato. Potato resistant to arid, drought-resistant characteristics, or even not suitable for crop growth in most of the soil environment can also get a certain output.

2008, the national potato growing area more than 8800 mu, the central and western provinces and autonomous regions nationwide potato planting area accounts for 62.57% area, and solve the food problem has become an important way of increasing peasant incomes.

Dingxi City of Gansu Province started to develop from the potato industry in 1996. Currently, the city’s potato industry output value reached 1.76 billion yuan, accounting for 16.7% of GDP; rural per capita income from the potato industry was 570 yuan, accounting for rural per capita net income of 26.7%. Local person, potatoes from the “life-saving potato, potato out of poverty” into the “rich potato.” Potato in driving agricultural development, the whole industry chain also promoted Dingxi second and third industries developed rapidly, significantly speeding up the transfer of rural labor force engaged in sorting, loading and unloading, traffic tens of thousands of personnel.

Be the development of the potato industry in the West is only a representative number of Northeast China and North China provinces, the potato has become an important regional economic structure to change the economic industry, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Guizhou, Yunnan, are widely grown in many regions.

Virus-free seed potato was of great help
“With the new varieties, the output of a sudden we go up.” Lao Zhang providers are happy to say that the county farmers. Lao Zhang said the new variety is virus-free seed.

Virus-free seed is the seed potato tuber after a series of technical measures to clear the virus and was given very little free virus or virus infection of seed potato, which has early maturity, high yield, good quality, etc. advantages.

“Potato yield and quality are closely related with the seed. Seed No, there is no production, nor the quality of the virus once the invasive plants and potato tubers, the potato will lead to serious degradation, and produce a variety of illnesses, leading to the potato production dropped significantly. Therefore, after a series of physical, chemical, biological technologies remove the seed potato tuber virus in vivo. “Potato State Engineering Research Center Director, Chief Scientist, Sun Huisheng introduction,” this technology in China as early as 6 years the main producing areas in the potato before the implementation of this technology can be achieved through the field average yield 30%? 50%. “

According to reports, China has become the first largest producer of potatoes, growing area of the total world area of 1 / 4 cent of world total output of 1 / 5, but the yield level was ranked the world’s first 92 , output per mu 960 kg, less than the world average. The reason is the lack of virus-free seed. According to the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers Chinese Academy of Agricultural Statistics, the current area of the country to promote virus-free seed potato growing area is only about 20%, while developed countries and more than 90%.

April 22 this year, the State Council announced on potato seed production subsidies, subsidies on the potato farmers 100 yuan per mu, seed production enterprises 500 yuan per mu subsidy. Virus-free seed potato in the promotion of the state is quite urgent, local efforts are positive. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the built Wulanchabu Potato Tissue Culture 11,800 square meters, 22 acres of greenhouse standardization, the original farm of 1.5 acres, formed from tissue culture, greenhouse cultivation, the original species of breeding to one, two seed production of a complete system. BOLA TANGKAS