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Recently in the international market, two things, make China
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Quite concerned about the impact of the industry and popular: The first birthday has just been completed hundred years of American GE (GE) appliance business will soon come to an end, who will take over this century-old heritage as the world’s focus, there is no lack of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises eager to natural persons; Second, previous transfer of the global home appliance industry has been high hopes for Vietnam, where a strong economic fluctuations, has set up factories in Vietnam and will soon set up plants in China will inevitably re-sort their household electrical appliance enterprises strategy.

No connection between these two things, but a closer look will find that China’s household electrical appliance enterprises all in one. Guangdong Midea Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Fang Hongbo, president of the author, said: “global home appliances industry shift is taking place, the pattern is constantly restructuring, this is a” game “, we have to participate.” This sentence shows that the Chinese home appliance enterprises “globalization,” the state of the tide: involvement. Two things that the occurrence of this state.

Chinese home appliance industry to compete in world history is not the appliance industry beginning from today, we played the last century Haier “internationalization” of the banner
Also carried out cross-border mergers and acquisitions, the most recent example is the United States this year, the official that “globalization” on location. This also shows that China’s position in the global appliance industry has no doubt. Huge cost advantage in manufacturing, China’s home appliance industry, first to undertake the transfer of the Japanese home appliance industry, and then undertake the transfer of the world’s appliance industry. Can see that almost every product category home appliances production, the Chinese home appliance industry around the world have shared nearly 1 / 3 share,
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Even 70%

However, this “going out” just the product of “going out”, in the home appliance industry is increasingly prominent features of today’s labor-intensive, the Chinese home appliance industry is losing the inherent advantages of the yuan against the dollar, rising labor costs are In the test of China’s export of household electrical appliances. This year China’s air-conditioning,
Export growth is slowing down, has seriously affected the development of the industry, and some even closed down.

Chinese home appliance industry has not only go out to the product, Chinese home appliance industry would like to voice the voice of the world had wave after wave. During the filling of China’s household electrical appliance industry to participate in the global home appliance industry “game” the strong desire, there are some many dreams. When the TCL “swallow” when under the Thomson, I believe that Mr. Li is with a global first
Brand’s dream; when the U.S. incarnation of Greenwich House, “Haier Building”, the author of Chinese home appliance brand for powerful and proud. Haier’s revenue in 2007 is 170 billion, from Whirlpool, the world’s largest home appliance brand only 20 billion gap. Haier dream, a little taste of reality. However, for most of the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises, it is difficult to dream a reality.

Mr. Li’s “dream” become a typical home appliance brands go out lesson plans. Xu Dongsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of appliances quite profound meaning of the sentence: “To conclude that the Chinese home appliance going out or should ‘the easier’.” Because the Chinese home appliance industry is still relying on the manufacturing cost advantage, its own brand Very few exports, even if the United States, the Gree big exporters such as its own brand exports only about 20%. Worldwide, the Chinese home appliance industry does not have “brand influence.” No products with high added value would be difficult to seize the markets of developed countries, the reality is we have been struggling with a variety of environmental directives or patent barriers.

Therefore, we can only positioned itself as a participant, rather than led “dream” person.

Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises have indeed been involved in this “game”, the first approach to the acquisition or joint ventures looking for a partner, Haier,
And beauty are found in the international market partner. Such as Haier factory in Thailand, India, the acquisition of the factory integration, Hisense and Whirlpool joint venture plant, the United States with the Toshiba, Carrier cooperation and so on. This shows that the pattern of restructuring in the global home appliances, household electrical appliance enterprises in China is already involved.

Second method, the manufacturing base moved to Vietnam, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and other emerging markets, China’s household electrical appliance enterprises is almost certainly to do, is Xu Dongsheng said the “easy things first,” .