Chinese Air Conditioner Market In The New Situation: Manufacturers Go Along With Business

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Business ads only said that price cuts

Once told a newspaper advertising campaign in Beijing Friday for a rough statistics, the national beauty advertising has four, total of six full-page advertisements; Suning ads with 2, total of three full-page advertisements; The large and medium momentum to push hard total of five, eight full-page ads.

These appliances chain content of the ads, without exception, have highlighted the theme of “low price” advantage, from the air-conditioning, color TV, refrigerators, washing machines, digital communications, small appliances, large and small, have dozens of different categories degree of special products available to consumers, and all the coverage of special products, including Haier, Changhong, Kelon, Midea, Samsung, LG, Nokia and other dozens of famous brands.

Only air-conditioned class, for example, States United States newspaper advertisements 666 yuan, 888 yuan, 999 yuan, 1,088 yuan and many other low prices, every week there are different brands, different number of ultra-low-cost air conditioning piece, attracting a large number of consumers concerned about the looks.

At present, consumers in more than 20 cities, has been used to collect every Thurs, Fri Local large home appliance chain enterprises have played in the mainstream media advertising, and as an important reference for buying appliances basis. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other cities in home appliance chain business has matured, consumers holding a newspaper on the market to buy air conditioning has become a beautiful landscape. Especially for the home appliance chain has made “parity bad back” commitment, leaving many consumers in the shopping a little more impetus.

Present, the major home appliance chain of advertising content is divided into two: one is the introduction of ultra low-priced products their propaganda, the other one is from various manufacturers to phase activities of publicity.

Manufacturers to go along with business

Two years ago, a number of powerful air-conditioning manufacturers frequently within a week of several major cities across 30 stages at the same time promotion of Singapore or play now than the air-conditioning manufacturers have been consciously put in to reduce the amount of newspaper advertisements . A media monitoring data show that 1 month -2 months of this year, air conditioning manufacturers in the newspaper delivery decreased by 35%, soft paper put the realization of a 12% growth.

Also found that many now phased air campaign manufacturers more willing to chain together with a number of appliances to the market Cooperation The one hand, home appliance chain enterprises choose to seek full-page ad to run on version bits; the other hand, the full use of the terminal appliance chain tension, in its store layout on a collaborative hanging flags, stickers and other places.

For this joint promotion of, on the one hand to reduce the air conditioning manufacturers in the newspaper advertising cost ratio; on the other hand has full use of home appliance chain enterprises attractive full-page ads, so as to enhance the dissemination of the contents of manufacturers advertising rates , publicity greatly increased.

After all, with the manufacturers put in a separate 1 / 4 compared to newspaper ads, home appliance chain of full-page publicity and dissemination of the rate greater. In fact, for the current promotion of such cooperation, some air conditioner manufacturer also revealed that the person in charge: As Gome, Suning and other appliances around the home appliance chain enterprises in the market, especially in urban centers of the terminal retail pull significant, often asking the manufacturer to do something newspaper advertising for support. As a result, these appliances will be to the newspaper chain bought several full-page position, and then block allocated to the manufacturers to arrange their own advertising content, the commonly known as “business-led manufacturers to make-up.”

A result, some no more than the original cost of advertising into the manufacturers have simply stopped the newspaper ads alone amount to in a timely manner according to some large home appliance chain enterprises need to be arrangements for periodic activities. Thus, not only played a swap cooperation and communication between industry and commerce relations, also reduced the cost of advertising where the manufacturer to ensure the dissemination of results.