Chinese Appliance Brand In The Embarrassment Of Going Out And Reflection

Over the past decade, China’s products began to aggressively enter the international market, but in addition to “Haier”, “Legend” and a few other well-known brands, the majority of products on the market in Europe and the United States is not known. Although, like textiles, toys, shoes and other Chinese products have already occupied half of Europe and the United States market, many foreign brands or products are using the anonymity, because “China” or not with the overall image of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea compared. Europe and America who enjoy the benefits of cheap Chinese goods, but not recognized brands of Chinese goods, Chinese brand strategy of going out to face a huge embarrassment.

Reporter at the Potsdamer Platz in the Akkad Mall “Saddam through” electrical stores found in the Chinese famous “Starfish” brand LCD

Flat Panel TV

Machine is displayed in a row of humble


Machine side, there are still a significant sample of cracks, while the other side “






“And other Korean-Japanese TV is very bright, eye-catching.

“Sa-pass” is a very large German electronics store chain, which has many Chinese goods. Reporter saw once carrying two Indian customers buy a new camera to come to return, salesperson asked if a quality problem? Indian customers said, not because the previous did not see that in China, but also that the Japanese out.

Reporter visited several times in Germany as the “Hannover Messe”, “consumer entertainment electronics show in Berlin,” and other international exhibitions, have a little time to visit a heavy heart. Most of the Chinese exhibitors were a small cells, the not beautiful decoration, the product does not feature. While Europe and the United States, Japan and Korea stand is magnificent, refined products, people put it down.

Few examples of many of the overseas Chinese products face “embarrassment” in miniature. Reporter who asked about the image of Chinese products on a German counterparts, the freedom of the press often interview Mingjiaofusi international exhibitions of Chinese products and brands have more deep insights. Him that sum up the issue of Chinese products have three things: a lack of creativity, not fine, not personality.

Lack of creativity is affecting the most fundamental factors in Chinese brands. Means that the product design, not China’s first basic principle of China’s products are only in the other products on the basis of imitation. The foreign markets in any well-known brand is established, first of all because of unique ideas. For example, Samsung


The brand is established, it is because Samsung broke


Bar phone and


Fixed style flip phone, the first to introduce a slide phone.

Not affect the fine is another important factor for Chinese brands. Although Chinese products has bid farewell to the silly and crude image, but the product design or manufacture in terms of form processing are not very refined, especially in the details, people can pick out many problems. In contrast, Germany and Japan product, great attention to the perfect combination of function and form, perhaps the pursuit of the two nations, Germany and Japan, the details of a perfect nature.

Not many Chinese brand personality is changing, drift a common problem. Enterprise from product selection and development, to shape the design and marketing, not a prominent business personality of the strategy, as mere copycat. American as Apple’s iPod and the iPhone is so favored by the market is because of Apple’s products have a distinct personality, unique sense of or seen before.

Reflect the plight of Chinese brands going global, the press seems worth mentioning that there are many Chinese companies lack awareness of the brand to maintain, just want to use the brand to make money, do not want to take care of the brand, often the time spent nine brand the power of cow Erhu, set up after the brand was destroyed. The issue of milk powder case is a typical example of the many well-known enterprise instant milk discredited, even as the White Rabbit Creamy Candy have been recognized in foreign countries so the old brand has also been implicated.

In addition, many Chinese companies lack confidence in their brands, rely too much on foreign companies and foreign brands, see Leath move. As long as more foreign companies to benefit, are willing to provide brand and market, many Chinese enterprises immediately abandon her own brand allegiance of others under its command. BOLA TANGKAS