Chinese Home Appliance Chain Test The Water Of International M & A War Imminent – Chain, War –

M & A has always been the eternal topic of enduring the stock market! Interpretation of the myth of one after another! Historically, the reorganization has a natural comparative advantages of the plate, as the main funding the operation of a vast space. Are often the biggest dark horse born from the merger and reorganization of shares, and history turned on several times Ushimata mostly re-stock, this is because the total assets through mergers and acquisitions. With

Steel , Petrochemical , Cement And other industries has opened the industry consolidation of the big screen, the international home appliance chain giant Bestbuy test the water in China, the domestic appliance industry is facing a third round of M & A wave!

06 of consumer-electronics industry usher in the third round of M & A wave

06 At the beginning, as the industry pioneer in consumer, commercial blocks in the industry mergers, acquisitions under strongly expected to start a round of repeated outbreaks of the market active. In the industrial structure of the re-division of the occasion not yet settled down, foreign strategic investors into the massive intervention in turn to another extreme merger integration, another key battleground merger integration?? Appliance industry is waged: Qingdao Hisense to 9 billion into Kelon Electrical “new owner”, Sichuan Changhong Meiling to 145 million won, the other a new flight refrigerator giant Hong Leong Group of Singapore also reached 510 million yuan of share transfer agreement with … … white goods industry resources in 2005 was full redistribution. Appliance industry in 2006 is still surrounded by many of suspense, the momentum appears to be rising in the flat panel market

TV Into profit crisis Air conditioning Industry dismal start to frequent coaching change, refrigerator,

Washing machine Brand concentration increased, Anti-dumping Increased international trade barriers … … is every indication that 2006 is still a troubled household appliances. However, after many years of Ebb Tide’s home appliance industry, determined to break through in 2006, more powerful, industry consolidation will continue. The 2006 appliance industry consolidation, will be the late 80s to 90, following the mid-21st century, after two waves of industry reorganization, the third round of the Chinese Home Appliance Industry M & A wave, there are signs that this round of Household Appliance Industry re-scope, reorganization, restructuring results will be much better than the previous two waves of mergers and acquisitions, securities market will also have far-reaching impact.

The international home appliance chain in China M & A war imminent test water

Present household appliances in North America retail giant Bestbuy has spent 80 million in Beijing, under the original lease

IKEA Home store addresses, to enter the Chinese consumer

Electronic Market is a foregone conclusion. Since the first store address has been finalized, but given the current pattern of China’s home appliance industry, and domestic home appliance chain enterprises in monopoly, if not unexpected, then, in 2006, estimated Bestbuy way will quickly enter the China M & A market, as it has no time and opportunity to take a shop a shop in a gradual manner. As the world’s largest producer of home appliances first and second consumer, as long as Bestbuy look for, and even early for Pre-losing expansion should also be at the expense of. Once the implementation of acquisition strategy, and perhaps Beijing Dazhong, Jiangsu Five Star, Shanghai Yongle, as well as regional-level home appliance chain enterprises, even

States United States There may be the object of acquisition. In addition, the Japanese electrical appliance chain enterprises such as giant island also showed interest in the Chinese market. The international home appliance giant landing will bring the domestic appliance industry’s most immediate theme is the “acquisition and merger.”

Behind the local government role in the delicate household electrical appliance enterprises

We say that M & seems destined to be China’s home appliance industry, a major theme.

Gu Chujun The high-profile acquisition of Greencool Hefei Meiling, king in Asia.


Leroy has also acquired great job in electronics. Sino-US joint venture in Anhui Royalstar Israel AGCO acquired by Bank of electrical power inject 300 million Hing Group Holdings 80%. Mergers and restructuring of large and small domestic appliance industry to become a great means of competition. However, there is a protagonist we can not always be ignored, that is, each company behind the local government. Investigation in recent years in the appliance industry, mergers and acquisitions case in which the local government undoubtedly plays a very important role. Insiders said that the big change in the stock context, large-scale government-led mergers and acquisitions will continue for the case occurred. BOLA TANGKAS