Chongqing, 13 Food Safety Legislation, Please Provide Recommendations (figure)

Current food safety supervision in our city, what are blank areas? How to prevent abuse of food additives, processed food? To solve these problems, the city intends to develop the local characteristics of the “Chongqing food safety regulations.” Today, the Municipal Health Bureau and Municipal Food and Drug Administration proposal to the public assembly.

Food and Drug Administration to market introduction, “The People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law” on June 1 this year, come into force, City People’s Congress decided to combine the actual city, enact local regulations, “Food safety regulations in Chongqing . ” This regulation will determine the legislative priorities before the end of next year in November to send Standing Committee for examination. To make the public more active participation of relevant departments listed 13 key issues, can be divided into mechanisms and improve the regulatory system to effectively monitor the measures taken by the two major aspects.

Who share control food tour? 13 questions to hear your views

1 how to strengthen and fine food producers and traders of food safety as the first responsible person’s social responsibility?

2 At present, all levels of government coordinate the leadership of the institutional mechanism for food safety, what are problems? How perfect?

3 how to strengthen and refine the regulatory responsibility of the relevant regulatory authorities? The current model of food safety supervision section, what are blank areas? As early as the night market stalls, front shop, farmers market and supermarket on-site food and selling food, school tours around the food stalls, etc. which should be sector-specific regulation?

4 ways to improve the level of food safety control oversight mechanism? Such as: higher levels of government on the lower levels of government, its relevant departments at all levels of government, people’s congresses at all levels of government on the same level of food safety control, supervision and inspection, examination and assessment, accountability and so on.

5 how to strengthen the grassroots level, especially in rural areas, building food safety regulatory system? Set at the township level with or without the necessary food safety regulatory agencies?

6 how to improve the food safety regulatory safeguards? Such as: staffing, law enforcement equipment, monitoring expenses, detection capability.

7 how to create a smooth, uniform food safety incident reporting and information dissemination mechanism? How to ensure food safety control contingency plans for all sectors of harmonization?

8 to give full play to the role of social supervision? Such as: food safety information disclosure mechanism to the public to report complaints and incentive mechanism.

Current local government regulations 9 and normative documents, which effective control measures should be included in “Food safety regulations in Chongqing?”

10 species breeding on agricultural products, food production and processing, food distribution, food consumption and other aspects of effective regulation, which need to supplement and improve the regulatory measures and technical specifications?

11 How to strengthen the small workshops, small restaurants, small stalls and small food stores and small farmers market supervision and management and policy guidance, to promote their business conditions to improve production, improve food safety standards?

12 food additives to enhance the production, circulation, use of supervision and management? How to prevent abuse of food additives and the use of non-food raw material production and processing of food? Existing “food additives directory” listed in the variety of social development can be applied to food safety requirements? Such as: whether nitrite use of technical necessity and safety.

13 other recommendations on food safety.

Academicians view: safe food production instead of relying on testing

Last night, reporters connect the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jun-Shi Yuanshi, food safety legislation to Return Weapon of Chongqing.

Tour hawkers on food safety – focus on talent management planning

Said Chen Jun-shi, scattered on the street of small restaurants, a small share of the management of travel, the best way is relatively concentrated. There should be a unified city planning, such as may be established in some parts of the city, concentrated decoration stall, and gradually spread over the travel retail focus together to regulation. Otherwise can not control.

Food safety vacuum – the implementation of retroactive liability system

Vacuum of regulation, Chen Jun-shi said, as long as food safety is a sub-management, this gap will always exist, can not eliminate, food supervision and seamless docking can only be a slogan. To ensure effective monitoring of food safety is the best way to manage the entire implementation of the responsibility back system.

Food Safety Authority of township building – administrative costs are too high

For the establishment of food safety in the rural township institutions, Chan Shi said, this is not very realistic. Too wide an area of rural towns, the establishment of institutions to pay more at the level of administrative costs. Supervision of food in rural areas, the best way is public education. As long as the implementation of this work will continue on the pick up. With the economic and social development, the stage of the conflict problem will go away.

For food additives – no evidence of a problem can not be said

Directory for food additives, Chen Jun-shi said, as long as there is no scientific evidence that certain additives directory problems, according to the standard use are safe, the public does not need too much doubt, there was no outdated. For nitrite, there is no need to question. People like it uses the red color in meat, why not good.

Effective supervision of all aspects – production of safe food by

Chen Jun Shi said China has more than 200 million farmers scattered production of meat, eggs, milk, grain, vegetables, fruits, etc., do not scale, there is no standard. Chen Jun-shi, said the fundamental way of food safety in agricultural production structure adjustment.

Stone said Chen Jun, safe food must be produced, not out of control, not by testing out more.

Information disclosure mechanism – to learn the “risk sharing”

Chen Jun Shi Yuanshi study the establishment of food security “risk framework System”, “Food Safety Law” in the legislation all the “digestion” absorption. “Sudan Red Duck” event continuing concern by the public for 6 weeks, is that no one sector out of the speech. The “melamine” after the incident, authorities promptly held a press conference several times, panic quickly disappear. Food safety incidents, government and the people need the full exchange of information and correctly guide the people.

Nie Fei Beijing’s mission Public suggestions and comments to be submitted at the August 31

The public and the main elements of the legislation to make recommendations and comments can be on August 31, 2009 or to the Health Bureau of Chongqing, Chongqing Food and Drug Administration to reflect or to submit.

Ways: 1. Mailing. Turquoise Road, Yuzhong District No. 418

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