Choose Sunglasses According To Face Shapes

Maybe you will find that with a same pair of sunglasses, someone would look beautiful, while someone would look so bad. How does this phenomenon happen? Different glasses are suitable for different face shapes. I am going to tell you the close relationship between the sunglasses and face shapes.

Round or bend-angle glasses do not suit round faces, because round glasses frame will make the face look rounder and fatter, causing lack of beauty. Therefore, wide glasses frame with rough lines should be better. Moreover, those glasses with the lenses of dark and cold colors will make the face look thinner.

Rectangular faces should avoid wearing glasses with rectangular frames as they always give people an impression that they are hale. However, round and big frames can make the outlines of their faces look smoother.

People with long faces should choose round or arc lens surfaces with relatively wide glasses frames to make their face look wider. Similarly, thick and wide legs may also help narrow the short face visually. As the narrow and long face usually look slim, lenses with bright colors may be adopted to increase the brightness of the face.

People with heart-shaped faces always have sharp jaws and wide forehead, so they should avoid wearing glasses frames with both the two sides turnup as glasses with rough lines will make the faces look wider and the lower jaw sharper and smaller. Heart-shaped faces are suitable to wear light glasses with multi-angles, with the width of the glasses frame not exceeding the temple. Triangle faces should choose round glasses frames with dark colors and rough lines to adjust the proportion of their upper and lower faces, increasing the width of the frontal angle and eyebrow, so as to make their faces look more harmonious.

All in all, do remember to choose glasses frames according to your own face shape when you are purchasing a pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, your entire image will be affected by wearing a pair of improper glasses.