Choose the Right Foods to Release Dysphoria for Women

It is spring now and the weather is so warm. However, people are easy to be anxious and worry, especially female women. How to relieve dysphoria in spring and how to adjust the mood? By eating the following foods, women could ease their mood through the diet regulation.

Eat more foods which are rich in calcium. When the content of calcium is full in diet, the mood of women is more stable; however, if the calcium deficiency will cause mood swings, and irritability. It is advised women to drink 500 milliliters of milk every day or eat 100 grams of soy products, which has a good regulation on the endocrine system.

Eat more foods with rich vitamin B. The lack of B vitamins in the diet is easy to cause mood swings and irritability. Therefore, adding a certain amount of vitamin appropriately in the diet helps regulate the female spirit. You can choose whole-wheat bread, cereal, tortillas and other grain. Of course, do not forget the orange, apple, strawberry, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of vitamin.

Eat foods rich in iron. Iron deficiency is easy to make people apathetic, drowsy and weak. It is not beneficial to concentrate attention and strengthen memory. The simple and effective way to add iron is to cook foods with iron pan. It is appropriate to eat some lean beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, fish and seafood and more.

Eat more foods containing zinc. Zinc deficiency can affect the behavior of one’s personality and cause depression and mood swings. It should be appropriate taken in.

Eat less food with high sugar content. Regular consumption of sweets would consume a large number of vitamin B1. Once the body is lack of vitamin B1, pyruvic acid, lactate and other metabolites will accumulate in the body and stimulate the nerve, so that to excite nerve and make signs of emotional instability, irritable, restlessness and so on. Therefore, menopausal women should reduce the sugar intake.

In addition, from the Chinese point of view, it is to adjust the negative emotions of menopause by eating lotus root, radish, hawthorn, roses, fennel, and citrus.