Choosing a Best-Selling Title For Your Book – Why Book Titles Are So Important!

If you’re planning to write your own book, you should know that a great title is one of the most important elements of any best-selling book, especially a nonfiction book. Here are three reasons book titles are so important!

1. Many people will purchase your book just because the title appeals to them. For that reason, you shouldn’t simply come up with a title that YOU like. Instead, you need to create a catchy title that lets readers know exactly WHO the book is for, and exactly WHAT the book will do for them. A title that does all that is the kind of title that will will appeal to readers – a.k.a. buyers!

2. Your title is what your book is all about. Your subtitle is the promise you’re making to your readers. Often, first time authors tend to create titles that just sound interesting, yet they don’t really promise anything to the reader. A best-selling title for nonfiction tends to include both a title and a subtitle. This is how you create a title that lets readers/buyers know who the book is for and what the book can do for them.

3. The perfect title and subtitle can actually help YOU stay on track AS you write your book. Each time you create a chapter for your book you can ask yourself – Is the information in this chapter really what my book is all about (as indicated in my book title)? Will this chapter help fulfill the promise my subtitle makes to readers? If the answer to either of these questions is NO, then the information you’re wanting to include in this chapter really does NOT belong in this chapter or even in this book.

Remember these three reasons that book titles are so important and you’ll be much more likely to create a best-selling title for your book. You’ll also be more likely to write a GREAT book.