Choosing A General Contractor

Embarking on a building project can seem daunting at first, but given the right amount of planning and preparation your project can be completed with minimal stress. Of course, choosing a contractor is one of the biggest parts of the decision making process. Here are some tips that should be followed in order to be prepared and to ensure a smooth running project.

Ask Questions You may not have resolved all of your project requirements prior to contractor selection. It is important to address all construction issues as early as possible in the construction process. Your contractor should be more that willing to share his knowledge and expertise with you in order for you to fully understand the project in hand.
References It is important that you ask your contractor for references. Contractors should be willing to list recent projects and references. You can ask your contractor to explain construction projects that have been recently completed, especially projects which resemble your type of construction. You may want to contact past clients for their feedback.
Design Make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page when it comes to project design and project requirements. The more information the contractor has, the more accurate the estimate will be. Make sure that the contractor understands the design requirements and layout. It is useful to have detailed drawings in order for you and your contractor to fully understand the project.
Budget & Estimates You can ask your contractor for an initial budget in order to determine if you project is feasible. If the number is within budget then you can proceed to the design phase. If it’s not then you will have saved on design costs and you can rethink you options. Once the design is finalised your contractor will be in a position to provide you with an estimate.
Communicate Depending on the project, it is likely that it will take several weeks or months to complete. During this time it is very important to communicate with your contractor to ensure that the construction process is moving according to plan. If you are unsure or unhappy about certain matters address them early with your contractor. It is easier to make changes early than to do so towards the end of the project. This will eliminate a lot of frustration if addressed early.
Do Your Own Research You don’t have to leave everything up to the company you are hiring. Use your free time to look up projects similar to yours and see what other people have said about their experiences in getting them done. Many websites will even have online forums and comment sections where you can ask questions and have them answered.

It’s not always easy to decide which General Contractor is the best for you, but hopefully these six simple steps will help. Boston will have many companies that offer General contracting services. Is important to choose one that meets your needs and that can deliver your project on time and on budget. BOLA TANGKAS
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