Choosing and Hanging a Wall Mirror

Choosing a wall mirror is as simple as knowing where it will go. Then all you have to do is measure the space and decide if it will hang from a bracket or be mounted to the wall. You can also choose from flat panes or beveled mirrors that have a slight slant to the ends giving the surface a raised look. Another thing to consider is whether it will be framed or not. So you can see there is a lot to think about when choosing a wall mirror.

It’s sad to say but very few people can survive without using wall mirrors in their home. There are times when you have to know what you look like and not having some sort of wall mounted mirror to see if everything is in place could leave you looking ridiculous. Most are full length so you can see everything about you. This provides more viewing area than something like your bathroom mirror.

Placing you mirror in the right room is paramount to good special relations. You want the mirror to enhance the lighting of the room. You also want it to be proportionate to the room it’s in. It would look a little disjointing to have a large wall mirror in a room that can barely contain it. It will make the room look more spacious but it can also bring on a sense of vertigo if it is overwhelming.

After sizing your mirror for the appropriate room it’s time to hang it. Assistance may be required for large wall mirrors. It will likely be too heavy to maneuver alone and you can be assured it will be impossible to mount it by yourself. But if there is no one around to assist you, just find something sturdy to place it on that is somewhat level to the spot you want to hang it.

Find a stud in the wall and attach the bracket. There are stud finders available for cheap at your local home improvement store or you can just tap the wall and listen for a solid sound. Any echo means there is nothing behind the drywall. Position the bracket at the height you want it along the stud and nail or screw it to the wall. Once that is done, just lift your wall mirror onto the bracket and voila, you’re done!