Choosing Right Type of Motorcycle Helmets

In today’s market, a variety of options are available in the different types of motorcycle helmets. This vast variety just adds to the confusion in a buyer’s mind of choosing the correct type of helmet that suits their riding style as well as budgets.
In the present market of motorcycle helmets, the current leaders are Arai, Bell helmets, Hawk helmets etc. These brands provide riders with helmets that give top notch reliability and safety. But as we know, whenever a brand name gets attached to a product, the price increases. Most people believe that higher the price, the better the product. This is true up to an extent. But the main difference between a less priced helmet and a branded high priced helmet is not the safety but the comfort and weight of the helmet. The branded products provided by bell, hawk or HJC helmets are made from space age materials that provide high levels of safety along with comfort.
Types of Helmets
There are basically four types of Motorcycle helmets, each of them having their own pros and cons. They are as follows:
•  Full Face Helmets – These helmets are mostly used by serious riders who give the required amount of importance to their safety. Full face motorcycle helmets cover your entire face and are best and only option for high speed rides. Other than protecting you in case of accidents, they also provide safety from bugs and bees and it also keeps your face protected from heat, icy winds or water during rainfall.
•  Three Quarter Helmets – These helmets leave the face area of the rider open. Thus a pair of goggles is mostly needed to protect the eyes from the oncoming bugs or the dust in the air. These types of helmets are mostly used by motocross riders and bikers riding cruiser bikes. They are less secure as compared to full face helmets and are hence suitable for cruising speeds.
•  Skull Cap Helmets – These helmets are better known as the Harley Davidson style helmet. They are practically of no use when safety is taken into consideration. It is a simple rounded piece of metal that’s placed on a riders head.
•  Flip Up Helmets – These helmets evolved as a hybrid of full face and three quarter helmets. It is a full face helmet where the entire chin guard and front visor portion can be flipped up to give a three quarter helmet experience. When it is not kept in the flipped up state, it provides good protection to the rider but the negative thing about these helmets is that they are more expensive and heavy as compared to others.
No matter what a sales person tells, the rider is the only person who knows which helmet is the best suited for their requirements.