Choosing The Best Satellite Navigation System To Go In Your Renault

However, buying a GPS can be difficult as the market is full of different models with a wide range of features. More importantly, there are specific GPS models that are more compatible with specific cars.

As a result of this here are some things that think will help you when buying a sat-nav for your Renault.

1) Three types of satellite navigation system are available. These are known as integrated based systems, plug and go systems and portable systems.

Integrated based systems: This type of sat-nav is installed within a car and is built to interact with many of the cars features. The downside of this system is that it can be expensive to install but on the positive the system will blend into your car and not be cumbersome.

Plug and go systems: These sat-nav systems come at a lower price than integrated GPS systems and can be used in any vehicle. The only downside is that this sat-nav can be cumbersome and they run a risk of being stolen, as they are easily removed from your car.

Portable Systems: The best portable option and the cheapest as you can download it onto a mobile device. However, the issue with this sat-nav is the display is on your phone which can make it hard to read the maps. There could also be network charges from your service provider.

2) After this you need to consider the quality of the screen display. The system display should keep a high standard of quality in bright light and very dark situations, so that the screen keeps it’s quality. Hopefully then you will never be driving your Renault and then be unable to see your sat-nav screen. It needs to be highly visible, non-reflective and bright enough to be seen during a brief glance.

3) GPS coverage is also important to consider before buying your sat-nav. You need to make sure that your sat-nav isn’t going to stop service because of any mild interference. It’d be a nightmare to be stranded and discover your sat-nav has lost service and has no information on how to get you back home. You should gather as much information on GPS models details and specifications.

4) Check that your system provides text and voice directions. There are two reasons why this is important: Firstly, you shouldn’t have to look away from the road whilst driving so the use of audio instructions is safer and quicker than visual ones. Secondly, the inclusion of text allows you to go over what was just said, in case you missed them the first time. This is where you want to check the manual of your Renault, as it may have specific features that are compatible with particular GPS models.

5) What additional features are on offer? Some sat-navs will have extras that can tell you common traffic congestion areas and the locations of speed cameras. These additional features can safeguard you from instances where you become stranded in traffic and will allow you to change your speed before reaching a speed camera. They can also help you to make the most of your Renault Megane leasing deal, whether you have had it from or another leasing firm.

If you stick to these guidelines then whether you have had your car for twenty years or have just taken out a Renault leasing deal and you should be heading towards your destination in no time. BOLA TANGKAS