Choosing the Right Tuxedo For Your Wedding

For most couples the focus of the wedding attire will be on the brides dress and not so much on the grooms tuxedo. While with today’s vast tuxedo rental fleet its easy to assume that a proper fitting tux is easy to come by, there can be much more to it than just picking a tux up at the local rental place.

Picking your Wedding Tuxedo

When its all said and done the lasting memory of your wedding day will be memorialized in photos and videos. A  tuxedo that is chosen with the fit and cut specifically to give you the most photogenic and timeless look can help ensure the best photos of your wedding day possible. Many celebrity stylist will be the first to attest that the camera can play tricks and what works well to the naked eye and what translates well in photos and videos are not necessarily the same. To get the best out of your pictures and videos its best to gear up for the cameras.

The Hollywood Treatment

The cameras can really play some optical illusions, here are some things to watch out for:

Most rental tuxedos are boxy and over sized. The rental places do this to help maximize the amount of people that  will fit into the size, i.e. there can be a size 40 that is an athletic body type, and a size 40 with a pot belly, by having a size forty in a boxy cut  they can accommodate both with one jacket, albeit poorly. To look your best always go to one of the larger chains. Friar Tux and Men’s Warehouse have a huge rental fleet and are more likely to accommodate the different body types.
Always give your self time to do multiple fittings. Standard issue is to get fitted two weeks before the big day. We suggest doing the fitting 4 weeks ahead so that there is time to get the right size.
Ask for them to have a half size lower if available for the fitting, as well as the size they suggest, i.e. If they suggest a 42 and ask for a 41 for the “half size” to be at the fitting. If a half size lower is not available ask for a full size down. Being that most rental tuxedos are boxy and over sized going a half or full size lower can actually be truer to the standard off the rack sizing that you are used to.
Bring a camera. During fittings by professional stylist and custom suit makers they will often take test shots to see how it translates on film. It would be advisable to do the same during the fittings. Take a picture while wearing the full tux, facing the camera, side view and back view. Go home and view the pics before you decide. Look for rolls, drooping, proportions etc. You will be surprised to see what the camera picks up that you do not see in the mirror.
If you are a tough body type do not rent. If your suits needed alterations when you bought it (aside from pants hemming and sleeves) or even if you have a tough time finding casual clothes that fit right, buying an off the rack tux and having it altered or even finding a custom suit or tuxedo maker, might be options you will want to consider.

Classic styling should be your first choice. A tuxedo is a formal and timeless look, and while fashion forward cuts can be fun it should be reserved for other occasions. If you think about going against this point please think about all the “Don Johnson” grooms from the 80’s with pastel blue tuxedos and rolled up sleeves. I’m sure it seemed like a great idea then…

When its all said and done, your job is to look great but not to overshadow the bride. A great fitting tux, in a classic cut and style will help take the focus off of what your wearing and shine a light on your bride and the ceremony.