Choosing When To Skip Going To The Gym

There are many reasons you may want to skip going to the gym. Some are legitimate and others are not.

Exercising is an excellent habit to develop and there are many benefits to be gained from it. However, there are some times when it is okay and even better to not exercise.

Some conditions will only be made worse by exercising. In these cases it is better to wait for the wound to completely heal before you tax it too much.

However, determining when you really should not exercise and when you simply feel tired can be very difficult to decide. When you are making this decision you have to listen to your body.

This may take some practice in order to make the correct decision, but it is a necessary skill to develop. As you are learning there are several things that should indicate you should not go to the gym.

The first indicator that you are not feeling well enough to exercise is a fever. A fever means that your body is battling something.

The extra stress of working out may be too much for your body if it is already struggling to get rid of a disease. If you decide to exercise anyway you may be susceptible to overheating or dehydration since fluids are already being used to cool you down from a fever.

Likewise, a fever increases your resting heart rate. In addition, between the fever and not feeling very well you will probably not get a very good workout.

Another reason it would be better to stay home is if you have a cold. Not only does a cold make you feel absolutely terrible, but you will expose a whole bunch of other people when you use the treadmill and then allow someone else to use the treadmill.

You will probably sneeze at least once and get your germs all over the gym. If you have the option you can still exercise, but it is best to do it at home on a home treadmill if you can.

Exercising may even help you feel better. You do not have to skip exercising when you have a cold, but you should skip the gym.

On the other hand, the flu is a completely different matter. A fever and a variety of other symptoms come with the flu and exercising may put too much strain on your body.

Decide to rest instead of exposing everyone at the gym. You will feel much better and so will everyone else.

Another reason you may want to skip your workout for a day is if you experienced more severe asthma last time than normal. Sometimes increases in asthma are related to respiratory infection.

If this is the case wait to exercise until this condition is fully treated and the doctor has given the okay. When you begin exercising again take it easy at first and work up to full intensity to make sure that you really are okay.

Do not thrust yourself into an intense workout right after you have recovered. Instead, enjoy a more laid back form of exercise than you are used to doing.

Another reason you may want to skip the gym is if you experienced a recent concussion. Even if you feel alright, a concussion can have serious consequences that you do not feel the effects of at first.

Make sure you talk to a doctor before you continue any form of exercise after you have received a concussion. He or she will be able to tell you whether or not it is safe for you to exercise.

Some people choose to put of exercising because an injury they received a long time ago in sports is bothering them. If this is the case, you should have the doctor check out the area that is bothering you.

You will want to get this pain fixed immediately or it may never leave. Do not stress it too much.

A common reason that people skip exercising is that they are simply too tired. This is not a good excuse to not go exercising.

In fact, it may indicate that you need to exercise even more. Exercise is a great way to wake up and begin the day with energy.

Even if you did not sleep well, you may feel much better by getting up and exercising than for sleeping in for another hour. However, if you are constantly tired and if you are unable to function because of it, you should see a doctor as this may indicate another problem that needs to be addressed soon. BOLA TANGKAS
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