Chronic Fatigue and the Candida Yeast Connection

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome appears to be caused by numerous possible causes. Generally speaking, the reasons underlying Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are unclear, and there seems to no one medical solution.

One theory suggests – and many doctors actually do not agree with this – is that there may be a candida (official name Candida Albicans) overgrowth in the body of CFS sufferer that weakens his immune system and saps his energy. This theory suggests that by significantly reducing the amount candida from the body, the immune system can be improved again, and the chronic fatigue be beaten.

The presence of candida yeast in the body and the effect it has are not well understood and are controversial. Many believe that numerous health problems can be traced to an overgrowth of candida though there are others who say it is harmless. Some illnesses that are believed to be associated with candida are Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Ironically, some people diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome try to eat more sugar based foods for the immediate energy that they provides, but unfortunately this may actually make things worse. Candida albicans loves sugar which actually helps it grow and spread. Similarly, frequent usage of antibiotics can dramatically increase the presence of candida in the body.

It a person exhibits any of the symptoms of Candida (such as thrush, bloating, yeast infections, skin rashes, or frequent respiratory and/or sinus infections) they should consider treatment for the yeast. Personally, I believe that just going on an anti-candida diet may be worthwhile even if these symptoms are not all present.

Reducing candida can be mainly done with anti-candida diets: by ‘starving’ the candida in your body by avoiding certain foods such as sugars, the amount of candida can be dramatically reduced.

Vitamin B12 supplements or injections might also help, as low levels of B12 can lead to anemia, which may result in an overgrowth of candida. In addition, other treatments to lower the amounts of the yeast in the system such as certain anti-fungal medications may be helpful as well.

Personally speaking, when my CFS has first started I’ve done a lot of research about this, and reached the conclusion that I suffer from candida overgrowth because: (a) I’ve taken a great amount of antibiotics (long story) over a period of two years and (b) I literally only eat foods that candida loves. The combination of the two is a recipe for candida overgrowth, and this is actually not medically disputed.

My research showed that for some people anti-candida treatments and diets can be very effective. I believe it all relates to the underlying symptom that really causes the fatigue.

Unfortunately for me, even though a blood test showed my candida levels were slightly elevated, this did not seem to be my cure. Probably my chronic fatigue is related to other causes. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you – and you have nothing to lose.