Classic Hockey Jerseys Of Six Original Hockey Teams

Hockey is one of the most popular games in the United States and Canada. Every hockey fan has his own favorite teams and players. Montreal Canadiens, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Boston Bruins, and the Detroit Red Wings are the original six hockey teams when this sport was established first in Canada. Though the six teams have a long history, they still continue to wear their original authentic hockey jerseys designs after sixty years.

Toronto Maple Leafs has a classic design hockey jersey design that rivals the Montreal Canadiens. When teams began his Maple Leafs were called something else and had a green shirt with a maple leaf on his chest. At the same time the Canadiens had a shirt with a leaf on the chest as well. Toronto finally won the Battle Green, and now the only team with a maple leaf on their jerseys and they changed their blue and white. If you are looking for an American hockey team was flawless in both design team hockey jerseys and general character over the years, look no further than the Boston Bruins.

Canadians love hockey and they especially love their hockey team. If you go to Quebec and look around a bunch of people you’re sure to see someone carrying the hockey jersey of the Montreal Canadiens. The color red, white and blue with C and H in the middle are ravens authentic jerseys that has not changed much since the beginning of the team. The Jersey-born Canadian had a maple leaf, but has since been given to the Canadian flag.

If you are looking for sporting heritage look no further than the National Hockey League. These teams have kept alive their history through their designs of classic hockey jersey and will continue in the coming years. Fans love to see their favorite teams duke on their shirts retro hockey and sometimes the management team will take a spare shirt in the mix to make things interesting. If you like hockey, you have love for the four classic hockey jerseys.

B Logo Bright says everything you need, even if half the fans do not know that Bruin is a species of bear. Detroit Red Wings nhl hockey jerseys are an interesting project has also found the time. Red and white colors are a tribute to their Motor City with the theme of the chest. Winged Wheel is a symbol of care known to be a symbol of the Detroit Red Wings, and brings to mind the speed and unscrupulous players, car central city of origin.