Classic Travel Games For Kids Going On A Family Vacation

There is no reason to fret about family vacations when you are prepared with plenty of classic travel games for kids that have kept children (and parents) from going crazy during trips for years. It is very possible that you are pulling your hair out trying to think of the best kids toys, games and activities for your trips. There are always the old classics like I Spy and singing songs, but these can get old quickly and even when the children are excited to do these games at first, they probably will not want to do them for the duration of the trip. It is important that you put as much thought into kids travel activities as you do other aspect of the trip, like packing and making reservations. You do not want your vacation to start off bad with a terrible trip before you even arrive at your destination.

You may or may not be into the whole electronic age, but the truth of the matter is that electronics entertain. There are so many different kids traveling toys and activities that are electronic, from the cheap little virtual pets to the more expensive portable hand held gaming systems. There are even electronic versions of classic games like Sorry!, Uno and Battleship. These are popular for trips because the games can be played without having to worry about losing cards or small pieces, and you do not have to worry about the awkwardness of holding a game board on anyones lap. There are dozens of electronic kids traveling toys and activities such as these.

It is a good idea to change up what you bring with you for the children, too. Do not bring one electronic item and expect that to hold them for a 6-hour car ride! You can always play traditional games like the I Spy game, where one person states, I spy something (red) and the other players have to guess what it is the person is looking at. There is also the alphabet game (many different versions, too) where you start with the letter A, claiming I went on vacation and I brought an (apple) with me. The next person continues, repeating the A word and introducing an item that begins with B (barn). The next person takes his turn, stating they went on vacation and brought with them an apple, a barn, and a cat. It keeps going with each person taking his turn until you have made it through the entire alphabet.

One more of the popular kids traveling toys and activities is the License plates game. This is an old tried and true way of keeping the peace without the use of gadgets to keep the kids interested. See who can find the plate from the furthest state away, or see if during the trip the whole group can find plates from all of the states. Some kids wait years before seeing one from Hawaii or Alaska or even Canada. These are just a few of the most popular kids traveling toys and activities for you to try on your next voyage. BOLA TANGKAS