Clean Your Life’s Closet

I had the delight of listening to a short video by Patricia Fripp on the importance of Cleaning out your life’s closets and these are some of the excellent tips I came away with.

What is the purpose of an image consultant but to make you match the image you are trying to present.

A consultant will not let you keep the clothes that don’t project the image you want to present. or keep anything that will not take you to where you said you wanted to go. She would not let you keep anything that didn’t make you feel wonderful when you wore those clothes.

You know how exciting it is to go though and clean out your closets, the garage and eliminate the debris, it seems to bring about a sense of peace and order. So why not take the next step and begin to clean out the closets of your life? Clean out the habits, the thoughts and the people that might be keeping you back from being the best of who you can be.

You want to be surrounded by people and the habits that are supporting you in reaching your goals.

Make good choices of who you spend time with and how you are spending your time.

You train the people on how they can treat you. Look at the people in your life and review how you are allowing people to treat you.

Time Management tool: Learn to say No without feeling guilty. Ask yourself Am I being asked because I am the perfect person or because I never Say No.

Say Yes in a different way. Taking into account the best use of your skills and time and schedule.

People only have to turn their thinking a few degrees to have a totally new life. Would you be willing to turn those few degrees and create a whole new life?

Patricia says: Tell me what you want and show me one week of your life and I will tell you if you will get it.

Adding these simple steps into your life could make a huge difference.

Lastly think of the Blueprint of the life you really want to carry out and look at how you are pursuing your life now. How can you incorporate the use of Cleaning out your Life’s Closet. Do you think that your current performance, behavior, attitude and beliefs are congruent with how you clean out your life’s Closet? What can you do to bring those factors into alignment?

Once you start to transform your performance, behavior, attitude and beliefs, your whole life will transform and you will be able to create the wealth you deserve in your life. Set aside a few minutes each day to work on and learn about how you can reach your goals.