Cleaning and Storing Candle Molds

The quality of a finished candle is not just dependent on the wax you use but also on the quality of your candle mold. Candle molds require proper care in order to stay in top form. After every project your candle mold will need to be cleaned to remove excess wax (you don’t want this ending up in your next project do you?) and stored safely to prevent unwanted dents and dust.  When cleaning you candle molds after you have finished a project, you have two options – you can use heat to melt the remaining wax or you can use a commercial wax cleaner. If you are working with soy wax you can actually place the molds in your dishwasher or use hot soapy water.

Cleaning Your Candle Molds Using Heat
This method is probably the simplest and most natural option. What will you need? You will need an old baking sheet, preferably one with a rim – just in case of drips. You will need something to line the baking sheets to absorb the wax. I have seen some sources recommend paper towels and wax paper, but I like to cover the whole sheet in foil. This way you can just peel the whole waxy mess off and not worry about clean up. Simply heat your oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 min, then place your used molds wax side down (if two piece) on top of the lined baking sheet. Leave the molds inside until the wax has melted, but not so long they can become warped or damaged. Check on them after five minutes and then again every couple minutes. Once most of the wax has melted off, all your molds need is a simple wipe down.

Using Wax Removal Products

Commercial wax removing products can be found easily online through many candle making supply companies. Most of these products are labeled as “skin safe” and “natural” if you are worried about using caustic chemicals. All you need to do is spray the product on your molds and wipe away the wax. If you run into problems with wax sticking make sure you do not scratch up your candle mold when you try to remove it. Any scratches you add will be visible on the surface of all following candle projects. So, use wooden or plastic scrapers, not metal.
Storing Molds

Be sure to store your molds carefully so there isn’t a chance they will get dented or scratched. Place them open end down to prevent the buildup of dust as this will be visible on any candles you make.