Cleansing Mousse Cleanser Vs Who Is Best To Use

Guidance: I work for the most minimalist of face value, but to do meticulous, face cream used, soap used, but also used more vice-business of cleansing powder and the like, but in recent years, threw himself at the foot re-Cleansing Mousse .

Take advantage of you know Cleansing Mousse

Cleansing mousse advantages: that cleansing mousse and save time, and with little friction in the face of the skin damage is also small, wash clean and comfortable, but has enough Moisturizing . But not all cases are suitable for cleansing mousse, let us first analyze the cleansing product of six categories, in different situations on the types of products.

1, Foam Cleanser: Looks like a cleanser, but squeezed in the palm with a little water, can play a rich foam, clean power is relatively strong.

For the skin or people: oily skin, combination skin, or dirty skin, more skin oils.

2, Cleanser: A weak alkaline emulsion-like Cleansing Product, usually relatively soft nature of the use of surfactants to clean the skin, and now also contains some of the skin cleansing product ingredients on the skin to stimulate the skin and can leave a moisture film, but the effect will be a little cleaner worse.

For the skin or groups: dry, mixed, or no makeup, skin cleaner, and the aging of the skin.

3, Kit-Yan Fan: A relatively small cleansing products, pour a bit of good in the palm of his hand open water research can play a rich foam, excellent compatibility with skin, clean effect is good, also in the process of washing the skin massage process. Clean power for stronger, so more products will be added moisturizing ingredients.

For the skin or people: as long as not too much trouble, basically for all skin types are suitable, or would like to do some massage to the skin daily, but pay attention to some of Jie Yan powder is efficiency-oriented. Choose according to skin cleansing products

4, cleansing mousse: New form of cleansing mousse, pressure packs, gently press, do not rub that is rich in flexibility? Bubble. Gentle foaming factor, can moderate facial skin clean and fresh, which makes many young girls love to use. The best use of these products to stop the bubble in the face a minute or two, so much better cleaning results.

For the skin or people: clean cleansing mousse was also higher, but not necessarily unsuitable for dry skin, some products are added moisturizing or skin care ingredients.

5, soap: Now the soap is not the last of the soap composition, will induce skin irritation, and now most have changed the formula, using surfactants to produce a weak acid or neutral in the Soap, cleaning the skin can be mild and not cause stimulation phenomenon; and glycerin, olive oil, or amino acids added to products to increase the skin moisturizing effect. Some products add honey, natural sorbitol, or even no soap in the cold cream prescription, in the same time to avoid dry skin to calm, soothing and anti-stimulus, is a new soap concept.

For the skin or groups: neutral, dry, mixed, or like the texture of people use this soap.

6, cleansing ? Including gel): Mild, mostly transparent jelly-like, creamy skin feel after use. Will produce a small amount of foam used, wash with water, the skin a kind of creamy feel. The gelatinous cleansing products are totally different, clean sticky texture and strong, carrying the components will be more.

For the skin or groups: neutral, dry skin, or skin young and relatively clean, heavy make-up of the cleaning effect on the poor.