Clickbank Formula

The first step to the Clickbank formula of success is finding quality products to sell. When you find a product that has large demand, low competition, and pays generously you need to extract every drop of profit possible. However, finding Clickbank products that sell can be tricky.

There are many Clickbank formulas for selling: articles, videos, pay per click, banner advertising, ezine advertising, list building and marketing, but it all starts with finding the right product.  This article will focus on the first part of the Clickbank formula: finding products that convert.

I personally like products that convert between 1-5%. That means for every targeted visitor you send the merchant site you will make one to five sales.  You can’t determine that rate until you’ve begun sending traffic, but when I see conversion rates below one percent, I drop those products.  But that’s just an aside; let’s get down to how to find Clickbank products that will pay you handsomely.

So here’s a secret formula. Go to the Clickbank Marketplace, actually I recommend a third-party tool that displays historical sale’s data. I link to it at the bottom of this article.

Open up this tool and begin looking for products that possess gravities below 30. Now look at the gravity history on every product you find. Has the product made gains week after week? This is a telling sign that the product is attracting new customers, the product is selling, that the demand hasn’t been filled out. With the gravity below 30 that means they aren’t many affiliates promoting the product so that it becomes impossible to muscle in and claim a piece of the pie.  You can often set up a Google Ad word’s campaign and have little to no competition.

There are hundreds of these diamonds in the rough sitting in the marketplace. Hunt them down and start promoting them.

In my opinion, the worst products to pick are the ones that launch and in the first week or two you see the gravity climb to some astronomical gravity number like 300. Everybody is going to hop on this noisy bandwagon and sales will be diluted among thousands of different affiliates. You want the rhino’s share of the available commissions out there, right? The answer is an emphatic yes. You want to make as much money as you possibly can and you don’t want to share it with anybody.

So use this secret Clickbank formula for finding Clickbank bestsellers, pick a mar


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