Clif Bars: Best Source of Energy For Athletes


Clif Bars is regarded as one of the must-haves for athletes, particularly those who are involved in activities that demand a continuous supply of energy to maintain peak performance all throughout. The high calorie content of Clif Bars have been tested and proven by athletes competing in different sports to be truly up to its promise as an excellent source of energy.

The Birth of Clif Bars

Clif Bars were born from an experience with energy bars of its CEO and founder, Gary Erickson. While he was on a 175-mile biking tour, he munched energy bars to provide his body the fuel it needs for the arduous exercise. However, much to his chagrin, he found out that the energy bars he brought along with him taste so badly that he decided not to take them anymore. That experience struck a profound impression on him. If energy bars taste like burned wood, who will eat them? Athletes who are participating in a marathon, for example, must find everything they take in to be kind to their taste. Hence, the birth of Clif Bars.


Better Tasting Flavored Clif Bars

Clif Bars are very popular because of the variety of flavors they proffer to buyers. Aside from the all-time popular chocolate flavor, there are also Clif Bars that come in tasty flavors such as banana, blueberry, lemon, peanut butter, cranberry, and many other flavors that are well-loved by consumers.

Loaded with Energy

Apart from the flavorful energy bars sold by Clif Bars, their products are also packed with energy coming from carbohydrates, fats and protein, along with vitamins and minerals to boot. There should be no wonder then why Clif Bars are very popular among athletes who are seeking for a great source of energy that will fuel them past the challenges of the outdoors but also be tasty to the mouth. The two most popular products from Clif Bars are Clif Shot Blok and Clif Shot Gel.

Clif Shot Blok and Clif Shot Gel

Clif Shot Blok comes in a packet good for two servings. It is the best companion for people on the go looking for a quality source of energy. Shot Blok contains 50 mg of caffeine that stimulates mental activity for a good measure of enhanced physical activity. This is besides the carbohydrates that it contains to serve as a reliable source of fuel to provide a continuous energy supply for the body. Apart from it, Shot Blok also replaces the electrolytes lost by the body to sweat. On the other hand, Clif Shot Gel will help you get through those very intense workouts with its handsome load of carbohydrates and caffeine serving as fuel source and as a stimulant, respectively. No other energy bar could come close much less surpass what Clif Bars can do. Both the Clif Shot Blok and Clif Shot Gel come in a variety of flavors.

If you are looking for Clif Bars that will complement your performance outdoors, visit Mountain Valley Sports so you can determine what is best for you.