Climbing Roses – Stunning and Simple

Climbing roses are hardy, adaptable and easy to grow. They will provide you with stunning color and a pleasing fragrance from several feet away. Climbers, also known as ramblers or trailing roses, are generally low maintenance and continual bloomers.

Because they can be trained to grow where you want, they will add style and elegance to any area of your landscape. They are not a true vine – so they don’t support themselves, but you can support them by using a fence, trellis or arbor. You can also use the side of any structure to train them – perhaps around a window so you can admire them from inside your home, too.

Climbing roses don’t require much care at all – you won’t have to trim them back (unless you want to). You can remove old canes that are no longer producing, but that’s it – let them grow. And grow they will!! Some can grow up to 30 feet tall. Don’t let that scare you because you can control and guide your climber by taking the young, tender canes and directing them where you want them to grow. Sometimes, climbers take a little time to get going, so you may have to be patient in the beginning. But once established – just let them do their thing, which is to provide you with a striking show of color.

Since some climbers can become quite large, carefully decide which variety you want to grow before you put in the ground. If your space is limited, you will need to choose a type that won’t take over your landscape. But at the same time, limited space can be optimized with the right climber in a container – yes, you can grow a climbing rose in a container! In most cases they will do quite well – simply provide them with an appropriate container and healthy soil with good drainage. You will be amazed by the abundance of color this rose will provide even in a pot.

And speaking of color, there is a wealth of various colors to choose from in this group of roses; so you will have lots of fun deciding on what you want in your landscape. Get over to your local garden center to see some climbers up close to help you select which will work best for your yard. This is a multi-purpose rose – you are sure to be happy with the spectacular results from this plant.