Clouds In Time Marks The Beginning Of China’s Dairy Industry For 60 Years – Milk, Dairy – Food

Milk is saving food, efficient, and industry is closely related to the industry in China’s national economy has an important strategic position. Milk is the adjustment of agricultural structure, the development of a strategic task is to improve the consumption structure, improving people’s health level of major measures. 60 years of New China, China dairy industry has made great achievements, as a dairy industry has been basically formed.

60 years of significant achievements in the development of China’s dairy industry
Founding of New China in 60 years, the CPC Central Committee and State Council and governments at all levels of attention and support, through the efforts of the industry’s long-term colleagues, have made great achievements in China’s dairy industry: dairy herds from the 1949 120 000 first developed to 12.335 million in 2008, an increase of 101.8 times the average annual growth rate of 8.2%; milk production increased from the 217,000 tons to 37.815 million tons, an increase of 173.3 times the average annual growth rate of 9.1% (see Figure 1), milk production has become the world’s third largest country (the first in India, 94.6 million tons. second in the United States, 82.6 million tons); milk per capita consumption from 0.45 kg to 28.3 kg, an increase of 61.6 times , dairy truly become a benefit of 1.3 billion people large industry.

In 60 years of development history, 30 years after reform and opening up of China’s fastest growing dairy industry for 30 years, laid the dairy industry in China dairy industry become the world’s great power status.

(1) Cow rapidly become the fastest growing livestock industry, mainly in the following aspects: First, rapid growth in dairy herds. In 2008, China’s dairy herds 12.335 million, compared with 475,000 in 1978 increased by 25 times, the annual increase rate of 11.5%. Second, milk production continued to rise. 2008, China’s total output of 37.815 million tons of milk, 971,000 tons more than in 1978 increased by 38 times the annual growth rate of 13.0%. Third, the yield level of cows has improved. 2008, the level of our cows yield 4,800 kg, compared with 1978 increased by 60%. Fourth, rapid growth in per capita consumption of milk. 2008, China’s per capita consumption of milk was 28.3 kg, an increase of more than 1.8 times in 1978. Fifth, the total output value of livestock output Cow and gradually increase the proportion of agricultural output. Output value of 101.5 billion yuan in 2008 Cow, animal husbandry output value accounted for 4.9%, 1.7% of agricultural output.

(2) Dairy Processing industry has developed rapidly, becoming the fastest growing food industry in the industry mainly as follows: First, the dairy company total economy increased significantly. In 2008, the scale enterprises achieved a total industrial output value of 155.6 billion yuan, up 11.7 over 1998 times. Second, companies have been expanding. In 2007, China’s dairy business daily processing capacity of raw milk on average more than 100 tons, while the average daily capacity of 1982, only 8 tons. Third, the gradual diversification of capital structure.

State-owned dairy company in the scale dairy enterprises large proportion decreased, while the joint-stock enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises are growing. Fourth, Dairy products Production continued to grow gradually optimized product structure. Production of dry dairy products in China in 2008 2.853 million tons for 1978, 61.4 times the annual growth rate of 14.7%; liquid milk production 15.252 million tons, 11.4 times in 2000, the annual increase rate of 35.5%. The total output of China’s dairy products in 2008 16.59 million tons, accounted for 4.6% of world output.

(3) Dairy consumption continues to rise, becoming the fastest growing livestock products consumption

2008 urban residents in China milk consumption was 22.7 kilograms, an increase of 146.2 percent in 1992, while meat and egg consumption over the same period only grew by 20.0% and 9.3%. Rural residents in 2007 consumption of milk and dairy products is 3.52 kg, compared with an increase of 203% in 1992, while meat and eggs over the same period only increased by 40.90%, respectively, and 63.89%. BOLA TANGKAS